12 times parenting was hard according to Facebook
We don't have to tell you parenting is hard. Just ask these parents...

The hashtag #parentingishard yields some wondrous results on Facebook. Here are a few gems. 

1. Sometimes you wonder why you became a parent 

2. Throwing tantrums becomes a norm

3. Sometimes parents need a time-out too 

4. Some days parents get overwhelmed 

5. Parents need prayer 


6. A lot of them 

7. Parents get tired 

8. Parenting is a party... sometimes 

9. Parenting isn't butterflies and rainbows 

10. You need a little peace 

11. And some snacks


12. Because parenting in hard sometimes you need to give "the look"

But at the end of the day... 

How do you cope with being a parent? Do you have a good support structure at home? Send us your comments and stories to chatback@parent24.com we might publish your response. Inbox us should you wish to remain anonymous.

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