13 hilarious Game of Thrones parenting memes that’ll have you feeling some kind of way
When you're trying to get your little one into a grower and all you want to do is yell, "Bend the knee!"
Oh, you named your daughter Khaleesi seven seasons ago? That's sweet.

*WARNING: The following article contains spoilers about The Game of Thrones finale 

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Fans are still reeling after the six-part final season of Game of Thrones culminated in the death of their Queen, the exile of Westeros’s one true heir and the unexpected rise to power of one barely qualified, hardly present, say-no-more-than-five-words-every-season mysterious King. But if it’s any consolation, writers did give us Sansa’s character development, a moment between Jon and Ghost and stellar parenting from Daenerys who raised Drogon to know it was the throne that eventually consumed the Mother of Dragons

For any parent that isn’t Stannis Baratheon, that’s a win. 

We can take quite a few parenting lessons from the show that consumed our Sunday and Monday evenings for all of eight years though. There’s the Mother of Dragon doing the most for eight seven seasons, showing us you don’t have to give birth to be a mom, and then there’s Cersei’s unconditional, unwavering love for her children, even the one that’ll become TVs most hated character of all time. 

There’s the eight-season long lesson of how to raise loyal, brave, good children: 


And how not to: 


The show has given us a few great lessons in parenting, and some glorious, totally relatable memes. So we thought, instead of being bitter, we’d be better, and reflect on the times that made us better parents, all the while putting a smile on our faces. 

I mean, if the season didn’t come through, the internet certainly did. 

Here are a few more hilarious Game of Thrones parenting memes, GIFs, tweets and Instagram posts that’ll have you feeling some kind of way: 

After you watched the penultimate episode: 

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Before and after kids: 

When you’re trying to get your toddler into a one-piece: 

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Hahahaha omg

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When your alarm/kids go off in the morning: 

That face your toddler makes right before a tantrum: 

When you know you know: 

"Okay, but don’t tell your mother...” 

The aftermath of "Okay, but don’t tell your mother...” 

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When your partner gets home from work: 

Parenting goals: 

When you hear the kids bickering like this, you know you should probably intervene: 

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If your kid hasn’t complained about this kid, he probably is this kid: 

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Bran the Broken ????

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And just when you thought the kids were all grown up and you could both say sayonara to a show that completely consumed you – FOR YEARS: 

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Have you seen any hilarious parenting memes? Send them to us and we can share them with our readers.

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