5 parenting milestones
It's not only babies who have milestones, as a new parent you have a few of your own.
When you're a first time parent it's exciting to watch all the milestones your baby achieves. His first smile, first time he rolls over, lifts his head, his first steps and his first words. All camera worthy moments, that sometimes you just miss. 

But being a first time parent means that you have some milestones of your own.

1. Going out for the first time

The first time we went out as a family was when my son had to go for his 2 week check up. It took us two hours to get ready and leave the house. I was so nervous. And I was so relieved when we got home. Eventually we learned tricks to get us out of the house quicker. And to always feed him just before we left!

2. The Bodily Fluid Trifecta

Sure you know you'll get peed on, even poo'd on and vomit is just expected. But that morning when I was alone with my son for the first time and all three happened at the same time, was the moment I accepted my fate and it never phased me again. Bring on the mess.

3. Rolls off the bed

He's finally managed to roll from front to back. And you turn your back for one second, ONE SECOND, to reach for that pack of wipes and he's toppling off the bed on to the floor. The moment my son fell off the bed still plays in slow motion across the screen of my eyes. And my heart jumps every time. It was the worst thing that had ever happened. I felt like the worst mother as I just held him and rocked him and cried with him. 

4. Sick at night

That first time when you stay up all night with your baby just to make sure he's okay. My son had his first cold at 7 months and it was awful. He was so congested that he couldn't breathe properly while lying down so I sat up with him for most of the night in the rocking chair. I came out on the other side bleary eyed and he was full of smiles.

5. Cutting his nails

Baby nails are tiny! And I was so scared to cut my son's nails in case I cut him. I was scared when he cried. And as he got older, he got more... lively. Meaning he didn't sit still any more. Which just made the whole thing more daunting. Other mothers advised me to do it while he was sleeping? Are you kidding me? Do you know how long it took me to get him to sleep? I don't want to risk waking him. And then, I discovered a trick, I put the Postman Pat theme song on (mind you he just likes the song), he was mesmerised, sat still and I cut his nails without incident.

What were some of your parenting milestones?

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