Do dads matter?
A sarcastic look at a father's role.

Children who are brought up by both parents will naturally work out the differences between each parent. 

A child will pick up on which parent is more likely to want to play with them, which parent takes charge of the family schedule or which parent to go to first depending on what the child wants. 

With the exception of childbirth there aren't too many things that a mom can do that a dad can't (and visa versa).

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Yet there's a common misconception that dads aren't as useful as mothers when it comes to parenting.

Sure, some dads aren't as enthused and speedy when changing a child's nappy, but they make up for it in other ways. Perhaps their primary role is to provide a safe and secure life for the family. Or maybe some dads are better at building tree houses or helping the kids learn to swim. 

Whatever the role is, dads deserve some credit too.

Encouraging your partner and acknowledging their parenting efforts forms the basis of a healthy and secure parenting relationship. It's also more likely to prevent a partner from withdrawing or becoming a submissive parent.

One of Oprah Winfrey's favourite YouTube moms, Kristina Kuzmic, released a new video on parenting. She points out why dads do matter, by sarcastically mentioning a few reasons for why they don't.  

 Video via YouTube:

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