The worst things to say to a parent
Some things are better left unsaid.

Were you one of those people who judged other parents until you became a parent?

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According to an article in the Daily Mail 70% of parents feel judged on their parenting decisions. 

You often overhear people saying, “What on earth is that mother doing?" or "Why doesn’t she just leave the kids at home when she needs to go to the shop?”

It’s difficult for people to really understand parenting until they become parents themselves or unless they know more about that person's parenting circumstances.

Perhaps if people could inspire each other to turn bad judgements into positive ones by helping non-parents understand some of the struggles, then people could actually enjoy being parents instead of exhausting themselves by trying to be the perfect mother or father.

Sometimes all a parent needs to hear is that they’re doing a good job. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way when you’re a parent in a very judgmental society.

Confident parenting

On the other hand you might be a parent who thinks you’re doing everything right and that you’re good at it too. You probably talk about your parenting style a lot and find that other people are constantly telling you to shut up about it.

Lots of parents believe that their parenting style is the right way, and that’s a good thing! If you feel confident in the way you’re raising your child then you probably are. Whether you’re breastfeeding or using formula, whether you choose to be a stay-at-home mom or a working dad, embrace the choices you make and the confidence you feel towards it all.

As long as parents are confident that they’re doing the right thing, the rest will fall into place and they’ll be more likely to make other confident parenting decisions in the future.

Things to never say to another parent

Take a look at what some of our Facebook readers have heard:

"My son was born with red hair and blue eyes. My eyes are green and my husband's are brown and we have brown hair. Everywhere we go everybody keeps asking me 'whose baby is that?' 'did you cheat on your husband?','where does the red hair and blue eyes come from?' Strangers can be so rude." -Natasha Neethling 

"When I was pregnant with my 3rd: 'Did you plan it?' 'No, I didn't. But next time I do I'll let you know'" -Linda Nel

"Was told by my MIL that if she was us she wouldn't have any other kids! Funny coming from her who had 5 children!!! My only child is 9 months old! Hate people who interfere! Got stuff all to do with you how many kids I want one day"-Amber McKenna

"Was pregies then a consultant at the bank asked "what is that?" I then said 'its a goat.'" -Sophumelela Yaso

"I once told someone with one child that I didn't understand how you could only have one and that I would rather have none than one. Then I had my child and shortly after his birth lost complete chance of having a second due to serious complications. How is that for karma?" -Julie Hall

"Are you having twins? Was always the rudest for me when I was pregnant." -Chantal Adler

What insensitive comments and questions have you come across as a parent? Send us your comments to or join our Facebook chat. 

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