Alcohol at school functions: more views
Do you think booze should be sold at school functions? It's against the law, but some lawmakers would like to change that. How do you feel about it? Here are your responses.

In response to our story "Should schools be allowed to sell alcohol to parents at school functions?", we've had a slew of comments.

In our voting poll, 86% of readers said drinks should absolutely not be sold at school functions, as school should be a safe place for children. 13% said of course, adults are drinking at school anyway, the school may as well make money out of it. And 2% said absolutely yes, they know their limits and won't misbehave. Vote here.

We published our first response: "I am horrified at the new proposals to the liquor policy!". Here are more comments from you:

"The abuse shown towards alcoholics is disgusting"

Briana Scott writes:

In response to "I am horrified at the new proposals to the liquor policy!".

I am shocked that Parent24 published this drivel. This person is clearly judgmental and a complete idiot! I understand the point that the person is unhappy with the proposal of the new laws but the reasoning and abuse shown towards alcoholics is disgusting and this person is a complete moron.

More people die from people who drink and drive than any other form of substance abuse. Of the people who are in accidents because they are driving drunk, most are not even alcoholics but just everyday idiots who drank too much at a party and drove home. I am very disappointed that this is considered a good read by Parent24.

"Young people need us to tell them what's right and wrong"

MM writes:

I am from the class of the 1980's and I was taught that alcohol and smoking were bad and, believe me, it stayed with me and my peer group until today. I am a social drinker and I only drink red wine and some of my friends don't drink at all.

I think that parents should just not give up doing the same coz these kids one day will tell you "but mom you didn't tell me that."

I went to a funeral and this young woman wore a short skirt. We gossiped about her and finally we got to sit with her at after tears and talked generally about young women dressed in short skirt at funerals etc. She turned around and said, "But my elders, I am dressed like that and not even one of you said anything to me. How am I as a young lady supposed to know its unethical? You don't know what kind of background I am from, I need those advices in my life." We were all just flabbergasted.

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"Before you say anything about 'idiot' alcoholics again, do your research"

BN writes:

WTF Chantel, who do you think you are? If you knew anything about alcoholics you would understand that it is a mental disease. Recognised by the medical profession, it is not because we are stupid. Our minds can't say enough is enough. Do think it is fun for us having something that is ruining our lives advertised everywhere and available freely? And it is not just a few stupid people, alcoholism is growing every year and children should be protected from it. So the law should punish us for a legal drug that is addictive, destroying our society and killing millions every year? Do you actually think before you write crap like this?

How do you think a lot of alcoholics start drinking?

Learning from their own parents, and then they end up in a rehab before the age of 18, because their parents thought it was harmless to drink in front of their kids. Yes there are kids in rehab for alcohol addiction before they are even legally allowed to drink.

But you only see the impact it will have on your social life.

Please, before you ever say anything about alcoholics again, do a bit of research or go sit in an AA meeting, and see what has happened to these "idiots" and their children. Their lives ruined by alcohol, suffering from an addictive substance that is available everywhere, losing their sanity, careers, families and friends... most eventually die before they ever get the help they need for this addiction.

So let's not f up your social life, because your harmless glass of wine that gives you a bit of personality will never cause a child in your family to sit in a rehab as this only happens to stupid people.

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"We got a license for the day and no-one abused the system"

ML writes:

Alcohol has already been banned at school functions for many years, and two years ago even our private school succumbed to the pressure. I think it’s unfair of government to take our subsidy away and then still try and tell private schools what to do. Fundraising has become more important now than ever to cover losing the subsidy and spiralling costs.

Our biggest school event is an annual food fair where the learners of the entire school get involved. The quad is the heart of this amazing day with activities that don’t make a great deal of money, such as pony rides and jumping castles, but they add to the fun of the day. Each high school class prepares a particular type of food, there is music, and the younger kids enjoy the fair games run by the junior school classes. We also rent parking spots to vendors who bring a variety of trinkets.

Sadly we’ve noticed a huge drop in the money we make from this event because light alcohol is no longer being served in the quad. In the past we got a license for the day and no-one abused the system. To be honest, no-one wants to embarrass their kids or themselves so to say that we can’t control ourselves is very insulting. Now parents have no reason to stay and chat, and to spend more money.

 The government needs to crack down on cheap liquor outlets and illegal shebeens. Anyone selling to or buying for a pregnant woman should be arrested. There should be more roadblocks. There are so many other ways of helping people to be responsible with alcohol but you can’t infringe on rights. That being said, I’m all for raising the age to drink legally to 21.

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"Want to regulate? Rather increase the sale price of liquor"

AH writes

I bought a liquor store a year ago to make a change from the printing trade that I was in for 35 years. Well, it is a tough business, with little support. One year later, and I am still trading on the previous owner's liquor license.

I changed the shop to a more upmarket liquor boutique, to serve an upmarket suburb. Unfortunately, the big chain stores all have liquor licenses, and are selling alcohol below cost to attract customers to their shops. They trade 7 days a week (from 9am till 8pm), flooding the market with below-cost liquor.

Should the sale price of liquor not rather be regulated?

I now have to close at 6pm, so in April this year I applied for an additional license to stay open till 8pm, Monday to Saturday. I am still waiting...!

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What are you views regarding the proposed amendment to the law in the Western Cape that would allow schools to sell alcohol to adults at school functions? And the proposed law to increase the legal drinking age to 21? Send us your comments for possible publication to

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