Amy Schumer claps back at fans questioning her son's autism risk
"I'd be disappointed if he liked the Big Bang Theory and Nascar not if he has ASD."
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"This might be the greatest response in the history of Instagram comments."

"I love this so much I am screenshotting this and saving it. I want to read it over and over."

We agree, Amy Schumer couldn't have replied any better to this Instagram comment.

Although Amy's initial question on her post was "Would anyone be interested in seeing a docu series of my pregnancy and birth?"

One user by the name @iatotoro suggested the comedian film a documentary showing "how she would cope with the possibility that her child will be on the spectrum."

"How would I cope? she said.

"I don't see being on the spectrum as a negative thing. My husband is my favorite person I've ever met. He's kind, hilarious, interesting and talented and I admire him. Am I supposed to hope my son isn't like that?" She wrote.

She later added, "I will pay attention and try and provide him with the tools he needs to overcome whatever challenges come up like all parents. I'd be disappointed if he liked the Big Bang Theory and Nascar not if he has ASD."

Amy revealed that her husband was on the Autism spectrum in a Netflix stand-up show, Growing in March last year.

Although they agreed with her, some fans couldn't help but wonder what was so wrong with the Big Bang Theory and Nascar.

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