Are you more than just a parent?
Why it's okay to want more from life.

When you become a parent, almost everything in your life changes and being a mom or a dad takes first place to anything else.

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It’s hard not to be consumed by it all and while days are spent keeping it all together, time flies and before you know it your little one is all grown up and leaving home.

When I think of all my preggie and parent-friends I often wonder if being a parent completes them. Do they still have other goals? Are those goals still achievable? Or is being a parent the ultimate peak of life?

It’s clear that many of us seem happy just being a parent and investing our entire lives into raising a child. For some, raising a child is all they've ever wanted out of life. 

Selfish parenting

I always admire the moms who manage to maintain their hobbies, goals and ambitions. I know it’s not easy for everyone. Most of us have a job to factor in as well and it becomes near impossible to invest any time for ourselves outside of that.

But I’ve also known many moms who later down the line regretted not ticking a few more items off of their bucket list. And other moms who feel they've lost themselves during the years of parenting.

Losing yourself a bit is a part of parenthood, but it's important to check in with yourself from time to time to not lose sight of who you are. 

3 things you should never neglect 

Your relationships

Your friends, family and partner can provide practical and emotional support to you while you adjust to all the changes in your life.

While you might struggle to find the time to nurture and maintain the bonds you have with your loved ones, it's important that you keep them in your life. Try involving them wherever possible even if it means calling up your best friend once a week to catch up. 

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Your health

Taking care of yourself after birth might seem like the last thing you have time for, but neglecting yourself can lead to all sorts of emotional instabilities and physical illness. 

Learn to adapt your routine to the changes that your little one goes through. Keep healthy snacks in your bag for those on-the-go rushes so that you don't end up skipping meals or living off drive-through food.  

Ask your partner, friends or family members to watch over the kids for an hour 2-3 times a week so you can get some gym-time in (or even go for a walk).

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Hobbies, goals and dreams

It's important to try and incorporate outlets other than parenting into your life. Whether it's an instrument you'd like to learn to play, photography, blogging or running a side business, don't neglect the things you'll one day wish you'd made time for. 

You often hear parents saying things like "I wish I'd done more with my talent/passion". Find a way to make pursuing your goals and dreams more achievable, perhaps not in the newborn stages but when the kids start school.

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What aspects of life (other than being a parent) are important to you? Send us your comments to 


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