Believe it or not: Chrissy Teigen won't post embarrassing pictures of her kids online
The quirky celeb has revealed her image guidelines around sharing pictures of her family online, and they include not posting embarrassing photos of her children.
Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to social media, and has faced her share of mom shaming for her sharing of pics of her family, although she does always have the best comebacks for those who criticise.

Whilst she shares adorable images of 13-month-old Miles and 3-year-old Luna on social media, she and husband John Legend have agreed to control the types of pictures they would post.

This includes pictures of "tantrums and super meltdowns". 

The 33-year-old model said that though she doesn't want to give the impression that their "life is perfect", she chooses not to post some of her kids photos online.

Talking to Net-A-Porter she said, “We don’t want to post pictures of the kids that they may see in ten years and be embarrassed by, but that’s it. We’re not pretending that life is perfect.” 

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