Dads respond to #MenAreTrash
A few of our male readers respond to the #MenAreTrash movement.

In response to Natasha Marais' article about how the #MenAreTrash movement is affecting her son, some of our readers had this to say:

This movement is divisive

Abuse against women and children cannot be condemned strong enough. The problem is that people live up to expectations. So if boys are told they are trash and they start believing it, will it make the problem even worse.

At the same time fathers who cared for- and protected their girls are getting angry at movements such as these. So instead of joining forces against an injustice, it is now dividing us.

Hermé Goosen

It alienates men

Any slogan that alienates men, particularly good men, from the scourge of violence against women should do some serious reevaluation. This hashtag is a generalization, and easy to see it's inherent problems when we replace the word men with blacks, or whites, Jews or Muslims, children or women. The idea that there are any self respecting feminists out there trying to rationalize that this hashtag has merit should be ashamed of themselves. The idea that sometimes the end justifies the means is ok until you're walking over your own integrity. 

- Craig Bosman 

I cannot agree with it

Instead of men are trash why not, women stand, feminist first, etc. To offend a group to put your point across is inconsiderate and takes focus away from its own purpose. Men are trash does not offend me as I know I am not one who has ever victimised any woman at any point. But it just annoys and irritates me as I would love to join the purpose of the movement but cannot agree with its face.

- Lunga Ketelo

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