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The Nanny Series

Our new collection of articles about your nanny, you and the law. Including these new articles:

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These mini Disney princess photoshoots will make you broody

Warning: This article contains the cutest pictures you will ever see. By Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee 

"This is why I don't help my wife"

A dad explains why he doesn't "help" his wife. Do mothers perpetuate the stereotype that household chores are a woman's work? By Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee 

11 things your kids will love about the PlayKids app

PlayKids, the nr 1 app for kids, is available in South Africa. Screentime you can trust. By Sophia Swanepoel

5 reasons why mom who fails at yoga is all of us

Mom's tale of farting during yoga is going viral because it could have been any of us. By Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee

8 simple ways moms can turn baby products into beauty products

Bum cream for acne? Nipple cream for dry lips? Forget those overly priced beauty products that may or may not work. Here's a list of baby products to add to your daily routine. By Lesley-Anne Johannes

Help your child build bulletproof self-esteem with these children's books

We've compiled a list of books to help prepare your little one for life's challenges. By Lesley-Anne Johannes

The terrifying prevalence of child sexual abuse is costing the country by the billion

For the first time, a nationally conducted study is able to place a monetary value on what child sexual abuse is costing the economy.

11 games to play with your preschooler to boost math skills

Give your toddler a mathematical edge with these brain boosting games. By Sivanes Phillipson and Ann Gervasoni, Monash University 

What? 5-year-old girl got fined for her lemonade stand

This really happened to a little entrepreneur.

Cute kids of San Diego Comic-Con

The kids really stole the show at this year's San Diego Comic-Con! By Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee

Worried about your child's sleep problems? Could that be why you're depressed?

Could unnecessary worry about how your child is sleeping be the cause of your depression? By Wendy Hall Professor, University of British Columbia 

Updated: Maths tuition, apps and videos for SA kids

Does your child need a bit of a boost understanding and practising maths? Or is she bored at school and need some extra stimulation? Try these maths programmes that will put the joy back into mathematical discovery!

5 things schools can do to help pupils' mental health

With suicidal tendencies in children growing at an alarming rate, a researcher explains why children's mental health should be prioritised in schools. By Damien Page, Leeds Beckett University

The future of learning: applying artificial intelligence to education

Looking at the great potential Artificial intelligence holds for both students and teachers. By Simon Knight and Simon Buckingham Shum, University of Technology Sydney

Teach your kids to see difficulty this way and they're more likely to succeed

Does the key to motivation lie in what is perceived as difficult or easy? Researchers dissect what really matters when it comes to motivation and how this can be taught. By Daphna Oyserman and Oliver Fisher, University of Southern California 

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