Do you use white lies to keep your kids in check? Don't worry you're not alone
INFOGRAPHIC: A survey confirms that parents use a mixture of fibs and tons of creativity to get through the day.

Parent or not, no-one is above the odd white lie or two (or three). But when you've run out of ways to say no, sometimes a little creativity is employed. 

Check out these gems: 

A UK-based pet charity wanted to know just how much parents relied on white lies when dealing with their kids, particularly difficult topics like the death of a pet (no surprise that the number one lie used for this was “Your pet has gone to live on a farm”).

So they asked more than 2 000 parents to spill the beans. 

They found that parents are still using the age-old white lies they were told when they were kids – Father Christmas is always watching, carrots give you night vision and the classic "lies make your nose grow" are still very much in use. 

Apparently, lovingly fibbing your way through complicated topics, and inspiring good behaviour with a tall tale or two is all in a day's work when you're a parent. 

Here is more of what the survey revealed: 

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What white lies were you told when you were a child? Do you use any of the same ones as a parent? Tell us in the comments. 

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