"I don't care if my kids don't like me"
If your children are angry at you for "parenting" them, it's quite fine. This mom explains why parents need to stay strong and not give in to their kids.

Kids push boundaries. It's quite normal for them to do that. The adults are meant to lay down the law, essentially protecting our kids from, well, themselves.

Sometimes our kids don't like the fact that they won't get away with murder and they become really upset with us.

Parenting styles have changed over the years. Kids would receive a tongue lashing if they decided to question or contest a parent's decision about something.

And let's not forget the water works. If kids cried about the outcome, those tears were not justified and parents would threaten to "give their kids something to cry about".

Many parents were not that concerned about whether or not their kids liked them and rightfully so. When we were kids, the roles and ranks were made very clear.

The current generation of parents are not as rigorous in their parenting techniques. Some kids are genuinely baffled by parents' decisions and want to know the reasoning behind the decision.

Back in the day, this would simply be regarded as back-chatting, but today it's regarded as curiosity and an opportunity to really learn something.

This mom, Kristina Kuzmic, gives an accurate explanation of why parents are not their kids' friends, why it is imperative that they know this and why they should be fine with it.

We've gradually learnt to give kids the benefit of the doubt - they're questioning your logic and reasoning, not your authority. But it never hurts to remind them who's boss, because even though they're like sponges, they will forget on the odd occasion.

Teaching your kids these factors are important, especially for their adult lives where they will be forced to interact and form part of society, where they will be judged in a rather harsh way.

At the end of the day, when your kids are adults, the relationship should gradually progress from parent to friend and it should be grounded in respect. 

Your child will thank you and love you for being strong in parenting them and not by giving in to their ever whim and fancy.

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What are your thoughts - should parents be friends with their kids or not? How do you draw the proverbial line with your kids? Can parents be both - the authority and the friend? Share your thoughts by emailing chatback@parent24.com and we may publish your story.

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