"I need help" – Mom pens totally relatable Facebook post to her husband
A mom blogger who says she tells it like it is, wrote an open letter to her husband. She does describe him as a wonderful dad, but there was this incident that made her blood boil. Read on!
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There’s no denying it – moms are modern-day superheroes who can basically do it all.

But this doesn’t mean they don’t need some time off too.

This is exactly the point Celeste Erlach (38), was trying to make when she went public with a post to her 50-year-old husband on Facebook.

On her page, The Ultimate Mom Challenge, the Nevada mom of two and marketing professional doesn’t mince her words.

“Dear Husband”, she begins her message, “I. Need. More. Help”.

She goes on to describe what happened in their home the previous night, when she asked her man to watch their baby so she could go to bed early.

Just as she was trying to catch some much-needed shut-eye, her husband brought their wailing infant into their room.

“You placed the baby in the bassinet and gently pushed the bassinet just a few inches closer to my side of the bed, a clear gesture that you were done watching him,” she wrote.

Unsurprisingly, this made her furious.

“I wanted to scream at you. I wanted to launch an epic fight that very moment. I had been watching the baby and the toddler all damn day,” the frustrated mom, whose other son is four, wrote.

“I was going to be waking up with the baby to feed him all damn night. The least you could do is hold him for a couple of hours in the evening to I can attempt to sleep.”

She explained that before they became parents, she and her husband had wanted to turn traditional family roles on their head.

“Our mothers were the superwomen who maintained the family dynamics. Cooking, cleaning, and raising the children. Any help from dad was welcome, but unexpected.”

But now, it seems, they’re failing dismally.

“I see us falling into these family dynamics more and more each day. My responsibility to feed the family, keep the house clean, and take care of the kids is assumed, even as I return to work.”

Of course, this is all worsened by the fact that Celeste’s friends all seem to be doing – and coping – so well.

“And as much as I cringe just thinking it, I'm going to say it: I need more help.

“Part of me feels like a failure for even asking. I mean, you do help. You are an amazing father, and you do a great job with the kids. And besides, this should come easy to me, right? Motherly instincts, no?” she asks.

“But I'm human, and I'm running on five hours of sleep and tired as hell. I need you.

“I know it's not how our parents did it, and I hate even asking. I wish I could do it all and make it look effortless. And I wish I didn't need kudos for doing things most people expect from a mom.

“But I'm waving a white flag and admitting I'm only human. I'm telling you how much I need you, and if I keep going at the pace I've been on, I will break. And that would hurt you, the kids, and our family.

"Because, let's face it: you need me, too."

Celeste’s post garnered plenty of attention after it was reposted on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page where it was picked up by the likes of US Weekly

Her story has resonated with moms all over the world.

Many took to the comment section of the post of the post on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page, which had over 3 500 shares and over 1000 comments.

“I could have written this. <3 My husband is an amazing father and partner, but yes, sometimes I do need that extra help,” read one comment.

“I wish more women would throw up the white flag and ask for help!” commented another.

With all the attention her post garnered, Celeste has been quick to point out her husband “is loving and compassionate”. 

“I’m blessed to have him as a partner,” she added.

Do you agree with Celeste’s heartrending post? Leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Additional sources: US Weekly, Breastfeeding Mama Talk

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