ICYMI here's a round-up of our top stories this week
From a dad's parody maternity shoot to all you need to know about matric exams 2017, here are our top stories this week.

Pregnancy and Baby

IN PICTURES: Dad's parody maternity shoot will have you in pieces

Flower wreath headband? Check. Skirt blowing in the wind? Check. Beer belly... huh!? Sure you've seen countless maternity shoots, but nothing will prepare you for this paternity shoot.

By Lesley-Anne Johannes

WATCH: Gabrielle Union and 11 other A-list celebrities who have opened up about their miscarriages

Gabrielle Union recently opened up about having had “eight or nine miscarriages”. We look back at some other big names who have also struggled with fertility and gone on to have beautiful babies.

By Bashiera Parker

The role of group therapy in helping women cope with postnatal depression

A new study revealed that women with postnatal depression, particularly in underresourced communities, can actually benefit more from group therapy than treatment using standard depression drugs.

By Dixon Chibanda

Calling all Stranger Things fans! Watch this couple's gender reveal straight from the Upside Down!

We've seen many gender reveal videos, but this one is exciting on so many levels!

By Bashiera Parker

IN PICS: Who loves orange soda? Kel Mitchell, of course, and his gorgeous baby girl

Kel Mitchell from Nickelodeon's Kenan and Kel welcomed an adorable baby girl into the world, and from these adorable pictures it looks like one day she'll love orange soda just as much as he does.

By Bashiera Parker


Read this mom's emotional post on the importance of love and kindness in the aftermath of the Vegas shooting

In a heartbreaking and chilling Facebook post, this mom explains her approach to parenting after the Las Vegas mass shooting.

By Bashiera Parker

David Beckham enjoys being a stay-at-home dad – and we have proof!

From heartthrob soccer player to dedicated stay-at-home dad, David Beckham seems to be enjoying the latter way more.

By Pam Magwaza

Birthday parties

WATCH #ParentingHacks: How to make decadent monster mousse!

Make these delicious chocolate mousse cups with this 3-ingredient recipe, and top it off with the simplest and easiest ghostly decoration for the perfect Halloween-themed birthday bash!

By Bashiera Parker

How to throw a party on a budget

Has anyone else noticed how life suddenly got expensive? But life still goes on, kids still have birthdays and they love to celebrate by having parties. 

By Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee


Instead of telling his son to toughen up, this dad taught his little man the importance of never giving up

When his son got upset at soccer practice because he wasn't performing as well as his teammates, this dad handled the situation like a pro.

By Bashiera Parker

Here's how anyone can become a maths whizz with Pólya’s method!

Mathematician Jennifer Ruef explains how focussing on the joy of solving puzzles, rather than memorizing rules, can actually help you with maths.

By Jennifer Ruef

Teaching kids about trauma with Elmo, Big Bird and everyone's favourite Cookie Monster

Sesame Street started a great new initiative to help children cope with traumatic experiences and let out all their frustration in simple and safe ways. Something South African children can hugely benefit from.

By Bashiera Parker

WATCH: What if this week you created a to-don't-do list?

"If I had my time again, I wouldn't create a to-do list... I'd give myself time to indulge in the things that I now understand are most important." This video with sage advice from elderly moms hits right in the feels, and offers the best advice for this generation of moms.

By Lesley-Anne Johannes

Are you raising a perfectionist?

Tips for helping your perfectionist child.

By Sharon van Wyk

WATCH: This video will make you want to be a kid again

Adults and kids were asked what they would change about their bodies. The responses range from the predictable to the inspiring.

By Lesley-Anne Johannes and Bashiera Parker


Matric exams 2017! Here's all you need to know

The matric 2017 end-of-year exams start Monday, 16 October. We've compiled all the information to help you and your teen get through them.

"How bullies changed my life": A reader explains why you should work through childhood trauma instead of burying it

"My nightmares of the robbery merged with childhood memories of being mocked, ridiculed and bullied." Journalist Nurene Jassiem talks about what she learned when a traumatic experience of being robbed as an adult brought back painful memories from her childhood.

By Nurene Jassiem

Dear teen me, let’s talk about that boy who broke your heart, sweetie

Oftentimes we don’t take teenage heartbreak seriously, but when it happens just before exams or some other major life event, it can be paralysing. So in music, lyrics and memes, of course, to put a smile on your dial, here’s what I wish someone had told me when I went through my first break up.

By Bashiera Parker

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