John Legend encourages dads to be more involved in diaper duty
Dad John legend wants to change the narrative of diaper duty to help dads be more involved in nappy changing.
John Legend wants more dads to be "active" when it comes to "diaper-changing duties" (Getty Images)

One aspect about parenting that is not so glamorous it is nappy changing.

When you are new mom it's easy to feel like all you do is breastfeed and and change diapers hourly.

To take the pressure off celebrity mom, Chrissy Teigen, the celeb couple shares this daily chore of changing the nappies on their children Miles, 13-months-old, and Luna, 3-years-old.

He said when he and Chrissy shared this duty that's when they really started getting behind the idea dad's engagement in this parenting business.

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As a means to encourage more dads to take in diaper duty, the 40-year-old singer is working with Pampers to help dads to tackle the task.

Pampers and Koala Kare are aware that public bathroom facilities limit the level of involvement of dads because they are generally not built with the idea of men changing nappies. To shift the diaper duty narrative they are urging fathers to change their children more. 

John has partnered with Pampers to install 5000 nappy changing tables in all men's restrooms across the America in an effort to make things easier for dads.

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