Man goes viral after he combs his mother’s hair
"I had to make sure I washed her hair well."
PHOTO: Ralph Montana Instagram

Author Tia Walker once said that to care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours, and 27-year-old Ralph Udeaja is proof of that statement. A video of him unravelling his mother’s braids went viral soon after he shared it on his Instagram page.

According to BET, Ralph’s 56-year old mother, Gloria Ofoha, suffers from depression and bipolar disorder and went missing after being released from hospital. With the help of social media, Ralph managed to find her within two days.

“When I found her I could tell she had been homeless since she'd left the hospital. I had to bathe her because she was too weak to bathe herself, and then I had to make sure I washed her hair well," Ralph told Yahoo Lifestyle.

The video, posted in mid-November, has since received more than 68 000 views with people commending him for his sweet gesture. “You are a role model. Great act of selflessness,” @therestfulwoken commented, while @ms_king_of_queens said how the video made her heart smile.

Ralph told A Plus he had no intentions of going viral and that people loved the video because they related to it. “I think people love it because, as children, we don't appreciate our elderly ones or parents as much as we need to. We should celebrate them more often.”

Watch the heart-warming video below.

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