PRINT IT: A monthly calendar to help you organise your family's 2019
We designed a pretty 2019 calendar for you to print out and stick to your fridge.
Print a copy and let the organising begin. (iStock)

Updated 11 January to include black and white calendars.

Every year I buy and print out a monthly calendar from somewhere on the internet. I stick two months on the fridge, and fill in extracurriculars, sports games, birthday parties and business trips so that we're all on the same page, literally.

It helps me and hubby to curb the chaos and plan ahead, and serves as a great count-down for the girls – now we don't have to mentally calculate how many sleeps to this or that, I send the kids to the fridge. Extra maths practice for the win.

And now Parent24 designed our own FREE monthly calendars for 2019 so you can join in the "Look at me, I'm getting organised!" fun. 

Each monthly calendar prints out on A4 landscape. We used pastels to not gobble up too much printer's ink, even if you're printing grey scale. Look out for more designs coming later!

Calendar option 1

Calendar          Calendar

Calendar          Calendar       

Also download the 2019 school holiday calendar

Calendar           Calendar 

Calendar           Calendar

Also see PRINT IT: the 2020 school holiday calendar

Calendar          Calendar


  Calendar         Calendar          

Calendar option 2 

Calendar            Calendar


Calendar            Calendar


Calendar            Calendar


Calendar            Calendar


Calendar            Calendar

Calendar            Calendar

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