PRINT IT: Weekly extramural planner
Download and print this simple weekly organiser to plan your toddler or children's regular activities.
Replace chaotic sticky notes with our simple weekly planner. (iStock)

The beginning of the year can be exciting and stressful in equal measures.

The swimming coach wants you to choose slots in the first week of January, but Johnny will only know on what days he is playing rugby a week after school starts. Add karate, art and extra maths classes to the mix, and repeat for child 2 and 3... it's easy to be overwhelmed with the scheduling.

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While we can't help you decide what classes they should take and when, we suggest you download this planner, print it out and jot away all the extramural options for every child on one sheet. Use different coloured pens for each child, if you want to.

Once you've finalised dates and times, print out a new weekly planner and stick it on your fridge. You can also add other regular items, like PT days (don't forget the PT shorts!), dustbin day, and anything else you may forget.

Et voilà! A little more organised you.

Download the weekly planning chart by clicking here

weekly planning chart

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