Self-care as a mother is important
While people are debating whether your spouse or children come first, but here's a wild idea: put yourself first!

As I stood in the bathroom, not rushing through my shower, I thought to myself: "Today self-care looks like actually enjoying 10 minutes to clean myself." It's a small, simple thing but I'm a water baby and water re-energises me. 

You see our lives are very rushed and frenzied, we have a preschooler and a baby who can't be left alone together because an accidental murder might occur.

Showers either happen very quickly while the baby sleeps and the preschooler is sufficiently distracted by Paw Patrol or at night once everyone is asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep without showering at all. Sleep is more important.

But on this glorious Sunday morning we had no where to be. My husband wanted to pop out to get some koesisters and while I didn't want to hold him up and cause further delays, there was actually no rush.

Putting yourself first

This whole concept of self-care came to me from the most unlikely of sources: Wentworth Miller. The actor often posts on his Facebook Page about self-care and they tend to be small but meaningful acts of kindness to yourself. 

The concept of self-care as a mother is a simple one, if you don't look after yourself how are you meant to take care of your family? As an adult so many people and things need your attention: your kids, your husband, your family, your pets, your home, your work... the list goes on. Where are you in that list? Most often last.

We all do it, I know I do. Let me just change the baby, feed the kid, pack these bags and lunches for tomorrow then I can go to the toilet. I mean as simple an act as going to the toilet gets put off.

The world we live in is so stressful, even our kids are getting stressed. My 3-year-old got a homework book a few weeks ago and I refuse to let him get into the grind of homework and stress this early in his life.

So self-care is very important. Put yourself first sometimes. Take that 5 minutes to enjoy your coffee or warm shower. Buy yourself a pair of shoes, because you know your kids get more new things than you do.

It's not to say that you should neglect your children or husband, but for your sanity's sake, don't neglect yourself either.

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