WATCH: We hope Captain America gets some downtime after Avengers Endgame, because he said he’s ready to settle down and have kids
Chris Evans is retiring his superhero shield after Avengers Endgame, in cinemas today, but he isn't done taking on challenges. His next one: parenthood.
Chris Evans talks starting a family. (Getty Images)

After spending so much time around his Avengers co-stars' children, Chris Evans says he’s ready to settle down and start a family.  

After portraying the superhero Captain America since 2011, he’s spent much of his time over the years watching his friends embark on a journey far greater and challenging than that of defeating Thanos: parenthood. But he says he’s ready to take on the challenge himself now.

So we sincerely hope, after Avengers Endgame, the enemies of the world take a break, so Captain America can finally get some downtime. 

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