Weird (and gross) things parents save
Some call them memorabilia, but when does it become crazy?

BuzzFeed Parents recently did an article on the weirdest things parents save from their kids. Why they do it? Nobody knows. Some say it's all part of their life journey and watching them grow from newborn to rebellious teens.

Here's what the list looks like: 

1. Baby teeth

Why would you even keep these? What happened to "the Tooth Fairy is coming to collect it"?

Baby teeth

(Flickr: rossaroni)

2. Pregnancy tests

First off, you do realise that these sticks have your pee on them right? However, it is a sweet memory of that exact moment when you found out you were going to be a parent. 

3. The umbilical stump

I sincerely hope my mother hasn't kept mine!

#umbilicalstump #newborn #btv #instagross #puke #gross

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4. Bad kid art

Keeping kids art pieces has been an age-old tradition in many families. But where do we draw the line? This "masterpiece" proves that there are just some things we have to let go of. 

5. Locks of hair

We all wish that our kids could stay those adorable little munchkins, but sadly they do grow up and keeping a lock of their baby hair is certainly not going to change that! 

#Thomasthetankinjury #lockofbabyhair

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6. Stained bibs

Ask yourself this: "Do I even remember what stains are on this bib?"

Parenting 101, don't use white bibs when feeding baby strawberries ?? #babyledweaning #stainedbib #strawberries

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7. Broken toys

Keeping baby's first toy or you kid's favourite toy is cute and I'm sure they'd appreciate it. But why the broken ones?

8. Rectal thermometer


Why yes, I an a veterinary technician... Why do you ask? #rectalthermometer #whosnext ??????

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9. Nail clipping

Cutting a baby's nails for the first time can be scary. Are you keeping them to remind you of how brave you were? Because chances are your child will not be interested in looking at it years later. 

9. Rocks

Yes we said it... rocks! I bet you're not even sure which rock comes from where, but you keep them anyway

#saidboxofrocks #nottobeconfusedwith #boxofrocks #asindresses #ihavethosetoo

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10. Breast milk

How is this even possible you ask? Well, there are people out there who crystalise your breast milk and then make it into a pendant for you to carry around for the rest of your life. Would you?

Breast milk pendant from customer! So pretty!

A photo posted by NestledwithLove (@nestledwithlove) on

Do you have any weird things you've saved from your baby or kids? Let us know and send us your pics to

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