What is your family prepared to protest about?
As South Africans march today, take a moment to reflect on what's really important to you as a family – and do something about it.

South Africans, black, coloured, Indian and white, are marching today. Photographs show parents and their young children marching together. People are saying "enough".

Enough of what? I think it's important for us to stop here for a moment. As Parent24 colleague Stefni Herbert said this morning, "South Africans are angry, but we are divided in our anger." 

What are you angry about? What have you and your family had enough of? We're all marching – or not marching – for our own, very personal reasons. 

Many are calling for Zuma to resign. If he does, that would be an important display of democracy, something our children will remember for ever: the people marched, the leader responded. And stood trial on 783 charges?

Whatever the chances of that happening, people should come together and have a voice.

Is it all about Zuma? I don't know that it is. Say our president does resign... wouldn't we still have a heck of a mess? Wouldn't the forces that are pressuring him into the nuclear deal and other controversial decisions continue to put pressure on the next president?

Should we put all our hope in our president and his cabinet to create a better life for your family – and every South African? Yes we need to protest against those things that make us angry. But there's more to be done.

So: why are you angry?

People are tired of not being able to offer their children much of a future. They're tired of living in ganglands and seeing their children killed every day. They're tired of not being able to provide for their children, for living in communities where there simply isn't anything resembling a good school close by. They're tired of below-standard service delivery in their areas. They're tired of working in government clinics without the necessary tools and resources to help everyone. They're scared of being killed in their homes, whether "home" means a farm or a shack. 

We need to unite in our anger. If we support this march, for whatever reason, we also need to see each other's issues and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our country folk. Because that's the world we're bringing our kids up in. 

Leaders come and leaders go, but the people remain. What the beloved Pieter-Dirk Uys said to Netwerk24 about the cabinet shuffle has stayed with me: "That's what needs to happen in a healthy democracy. Doesn't Evita always say, 'If the people lead, the government will follow.' Therefore, people, listen to Tannie Evita for once and start leading!"

We as parents need to lead in our homes: ensure our kids know what the family values are and ensure we model those values to them. Let's start with our anger: South Africans have an anger problem, no doubt about that. Let's separate selfish irritations from righteous anger and let that anger spur you on to do something positive, not negative.

I challenge you: reflect on the injustices you see in South Africa as a whole and have discussions about how you as a family can rise up and do something positive about it. Protest if you like, create awareness, wear T-shirts, pray if that's what you do, get actively involved, lend support. If you have money, find a cause you can support financially. 

Share the grievances of other South Africans, even if it's lightyears removed from your reality. Because really, it isn't.

What are you teaching your children? What are your family values? Send to us at Parent24 and we may publish them. If you'd like to remain anonymous, please remember to tell us so.

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