Why are boys' aiming skills so astonishing when in the loo?
If you have ever lived with a male, which most women probably have, you will know the struggle we women face on what seems like a daily basis.

Being the only female in the house has many an advantage, but having three males in the house also has many a disadvantage.

Beside the exceptionally filthy washing, the copious amounts of food consumed, the bathroom is the most preposterous!

When we potty train our children, step one is usually teaching them that the wee needs to go INTO the toilet and nowhere else. It doesn't belong in their panty or underpants, on the rim of the toilet bowl, not on the seat and sure as hell not on the floor!

On the odd occasion, I curse and condemn the person who thought it was a good idea for males to stand and urinate. One always has to mop up some spillage and disinfect thoroughly much more than you usually would if you'd had girls.

One cannot fault all males, though, because many men are pedantic about the toilet seat being put down and the surrounds always being clean.

My brother, bless his soul, is unyielding about the toilet seat. It's never negotiable. When you use the toilet, always clean up after yourself and make sure the seat along with the lid is down. He constantly preaches this to his sons.

It makes me wonder if my brother went through the same experience as this very apologetic gentleman:

While we women wish all our male counterparts would have an outlook towards the toilet like this, many women instead have to deal with toilets like the one in this video. They also have to deal with men and children like this too!

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