"You never buy me anything!" Teaching gratitude
If your kids are nagging you for more and more stuff, do this.

This meme made me and my husband laugh out loud. We have three golden principles in the house: respect, manners and gratitude. We try our very best not to spoil our two girls (3 and 6 years), but every so often we realise they just get too much stuff, too easily. Not expensive stuff, mind, but stuff. And they get bored so easily amidst all this stuff. 

But whenever we see dik lip, sulky pants daughters moaning – because we won't let them watch TV or have more ice cream or buy the Lego catalogue or they're bored – we now respond with a "Fix your face". And at night they have to pray and say thank you for everything they have, big and small. They don't get very far, usually getting stuck on the glossy things, but we're hoping the principle sticks.

Yes, we chose to bring them into this world. Yes, we do provide them with all the basics with happy hearts – because we can, thank God. Yes they're the sweetest, kindest girls (most of the time). But a reality check in La-La land is sometimes on the menu.

And that's why this made us snort, posted by the ever hilarious Unilad:

In the comments thread there are a few indignant people berating Unilad for making little of providing your children with the basics. It's a joke, guys. And a very funny one too.


This mom doesn't care if her kids don't like her:

How do you teach your children gratitude? Do you think you give them too much and they don't appreciate the little things? Send us your stories and comments to chatback@parent24.com and we may publish it.

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