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Airline designates a "no kids" zone on their airplanes.
Hate kids? Want to banish them to the back of the plane, where you won’t have to see their snotty noses, listen to their crying mothers or smell their stinky poos while on your very important business flight? Well now you can do just that, with Air Asia. That’s right, according to Time magazine,

“If you’re an experienced business traveller (and obviously a man with no children), the last thing you want to hear after cramming yourself into a small seat on an overnight flight is a child’s screaming.

“For those who want to stay away from kids on flights, Air Asia X, the long-haul branch of budget carrier Air Asia, is offering a child-free seating zone on some of its flights. Beginning this week, kids younger than 12 are ‘strictly off-limits’ in the first seven rows of the economy class on the company’s flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal.”

Of course, this isn’t the actual campaign line – but it might as well be because whoever has come up with this “ingenious” idea is clearly not a parent.

Yes, I know what you’re going to say, that it makes sense to give people the option who are flying solo not to have to be subjected to the sounds of an infant (or an 11-year old) that is crying because its tiny little ear drums are about to burst and it’s in the utmost of agony. But if you’re going to discriminate against children, Air Asia, then you need to discriminate against everyone to be fair – old people, disabled people, fat people, Jews, hippies… In fact, while you’re at it, why not rename your plane Air Hitler? If you can’t tolerate children, then who can you tolerate?

It makes me sad that we live in a society that can’t handle children. Because honestly, as revolting as they can be, I have seen adults who are worse – and they are all grown up with no excuse for their behaviour.

I have seen some women (who sadly call themselves feminists) make comments like, “The hideous child at the Checkers checkout sorted my contraception for a lifetime” or, “Why are parents proud of their children and not embarrassed by them?” It just leaves me wondering why some adults have such huge issues with children? Just because you’ve decided not to have them doesn’t mean you have to hate them.

What’s more, I also find it so completely bizarre that we live in a society that’s teaching its children that it’s okay not to accept other people, to put them in a separate compartment, and tell them to shut-up.

So perhaps it’s time to start trying? The good news is, it’s really not that hard. Put in a pair of earplugs, drink a brandy and take a sleeping pill. And if that doesn’t work, then suck it up for a few hours of your life. Because seriously, if the toughest thing you have to do today is sit next to or near a child on a plane flight, then your life can’t be that bad. Plus, if you take the time to get to know them, you might even see that children can be quite cute too.

Would you take advantage of a "No Kids Allowed" section on a plane?

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