Balancing family life with Amor
How does Amor do it?
Popular singer Amor Vittone is not just a wife to Joost van der Westhuizen; she's also a mother to their two children; Jordan, 4, and Kylie, 2.

How do you balance busy work and parenting?

"Carefully. I have learnt that it's important to focus on what's happening right now.

I find that it doesn't help to think about work when I'm supposed to be with my kids.

And vice versa. When I have to work it's easier to finish what I need to do without spending a lot of time feeling guilty that I'm not with my children.

But my work affords me great flexibility so there's always time for the kids."

What's your typical day like?

"In the mornings Joost takes the kids to school. He likes doing that.

I work, all the meetings and things like that; I do them in the morning.

And if I have to do something for myself like gym or go to the hairdresser it's also at that time.

Then from midday, it's time for the kids, I pick up Kylie at 12.30pm and Jordan at 1pm.

Then the day is spent with them, if I have to do a meeting or something like that I take them with.

How has your travel habits changed since becoming a parent?

"We now know when the school holidays are. So we work around their schedule, actually now we're preparing to go to Sun City.

What kinds of holidays do your family like?

"The kids love water. Their father loves animals, the bush and things like that.

We have a place in Plett that we visit quite a lot and the nearby beach is safe.

We drive them at night so they sleep, and the next morning my husband and I are tired but Jordan and Kylie are happy and relaxed… you know the joy of parenting.

It's a beautiful place.

Do you and your husband travel without the kids?

"When it's just us we don't travel for more than a week.

We recently went to Mauritius and when we got back the kids were angry with us for leaving them with their grandparents for five days.

So we travel more now than we used to but it's generally with them. And when I perform I never leave for more than two days.

Does it bother you when you get recognised while on vacation?

It doesn't bug me at all. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if it weren't for people.

If someone wants to come up and say hi, that's perfect. It's just that if I'm rushing sometimes people might assume I'm arrogant or I don't care, but really it's great when people come and chat.

How do you keep Kylie and Jordan entertained during a long journey?

"Books in the car. We put a CD of Barney songs on. Our car can play DVDs so we bring those as well, at the moment they love High School Musical.

We have lots of stop-overs, not driving more than six hours at a time. We also talk a lot, we talk about the things they like and we talk about what we see as we drive.

Of course there's a fight or two but we manage that.

Best travel experience with the family so far?

"There are always great experiences when we’re travelling together. It doesn't matter what little fights break out amongst the kids or whatever else goes wrong.

And the kids really do help us become better people because we have to model good behaviour for them.

Worst travel experience with the family so far?

"When Joost was invited to the rugby legends game in Canada. He wanted me to go with him and I couldn't leave Jordan who was only nine-months-old.

As soon as we landed in Atlanta, Jordan vomited all over me. I was worried that he was getting sick and stressing about it.

Thankfully he was okay and I must say it's really the only time I've stressed so much on a trip.

Your tips for a successful family trip?

"It all comes down to planning well.

We enjoy flying when it’s going to be a short flight, the kids really enjoy that.

When driving you have to take all the little toys that make them happy. And I find that it's really the small things that count, like paper, books, crayons, nothing too much.

Music is very important as kids love to sing and clap.

If you're fortunate enough to have a car that can play DVDs then take their favourites too.

But it's important not to put on DVDs with the intention to just quieten them down. It's great to participate with them.

Also I find it helps to be as calm as possible because they feed of that.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm taking my time with my music because the kids come first.

So a new CD can only be expected sometime next year. I also still love TV and I'm working on a show about music and dance but this time I'm producing.

There'll also be a merchandising aspect that's related to the TV show we're working on.

But generally I'm just taking care of the kids because they're still quite small.

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