Long weekend travel guide for moms
Moms have to prepare and plan everything to ensure the Heritage Day long weekend runs smoothly. We ask clinical psychologist Celeste-Mari van Rensburg for tips on how to travel with your children safely.
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Involve the kids

Get your child involved in the decision. If you have already booked accommodation, get them involved in planning activities. It is a good opportunity to compromise between what you would like to do and what they will enjoy.

Plan your route ahead of time

If you are driving, make sure your car has had the necessary services done and has had all of the safety checks. Make sure you know how to change a tyre or that you are a member of a roadside assistance organisation. If it is through your insurance company - make sure you have all of the numbers saved on your phone.

Work around your child’s routine

If you had certain nap times and feeding times at home, try to keep as close as possible to those times. Routine makes children feel safe and makes their life predictable. So keeping to routines will usually help a child feel less anxious, and become less likely to react emotionally.

Make a backpack or “travel pack” for your child:

  • A list of all important numbers, such as yours.
  • Their transitional object. That blanket or toy that makes them feel safe and secure when they are anxious or tired.
  • Snacks – a few of their favourite snacks and a few healthy ones for when they get hungry with minimal sugar.
  • Water or something to drink.

Safety first

If anyone provides your child with a sweet or treat, have your child show it to you first before eating it. This will not only help you monitor their safety if they should have allergies, but also help you be aware of people approaching your child.

Do take the time to bond, have fun and enjoy connecting with your little ones and your family.

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