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Trying to conceive

Here's what science says about how you can conceive a boy or girl

We came across a study titled, 'More sex during South Africa’s World Cup meant more boys nine months on'. Curious about the science behind it all, we decided to dig deeper and found out why this should be, and how you can actually follow particular methods to conceive a boy or girl.

Fertility problems

Struggling to fall pregnant? There’s a 50% chance the problem lies with him

It’s not me, it’s you: Here's everything you need to know about male fertility.


Pregnancy signs and symptoms: Here's everything you need to know

From the earliest to strangest and everything in between, we've pooled together everything you need to know about pregnancy signs and symptoms to help you determine whether its time for a visit to the obstetrician.


Everything you need to know about safe abortions in South Africa in 2020

Since February 1997, it has been legal in South Africa for any woman of any age to request and get an abortion with no reasons given if she is less than 13 weeks pregnant


French court rules mother has no right to grandchildren

French human rights judicial body, the European Court of Human Rights, has denied one mother's right to become a grandparent, and subsequently, a deceased man's final wish.


The world's first male contraceptive is almost a reality, but South African men have feelings

This male contraceptive is said to last for up to 13 years, and it's meant to be injected where now?

Fertility treatment

New programme looks to address infertility from as little as R5000

A new fertility programme delves into the root cause of struggles to conceive and helps couples become the healthiest they can be to fall pregnant.

Trying to conceive

Planning a baby? A fertility app won’t necessarily tell you the best time to try

The personalisation and convenience of apps makes them empowering and attractive. But they require some caution in their use.

Trying to conceive

WATCH: Trying to become a dad? You may want to put that drink down

The more a man drinks prior to conception, the higher the chances his baby would be born with a congenital heart disease (CHD). This study is urging males trying to conceive to abstain from alcohol six months before conception.

Fertility problems

Court pays out couple after IVF mix up, placing a financial value on genetic affinity

In a world first, Singapore's highest court rules that parents deserve kids with their genes.

Trying to conceive

Plot twist: When trying to conceive, dad's age matters too

It’s not just women who need to consider their age when planning a family. Studies reveal that men show a 50% lower chance of conceiving after a year of trying at age 35, compared with men younger than 25. Plus, older age in fathers is linked with a variety of health conditions affecting their offspring.

Trying to conceive

The future of human reproduction: Designer babies

"A designer baby is defined as a baby whose genetics has been selected or altered (engineered) to include or remove genes associated with certain diseases or traits."

Trying to conceive

The future of human reproduction: Three-parent babies

A pioneering technique that is used to prevent babies being born with mitochondrial disease results in what is known as a three-parent baby.


'To every woman who has gone through this, you are not alone' - A reader's touching story of miscarriage

"People have told me things like 'at least it happened early', 'it wasn't really a baby yet', 'you can try again', 'at least you know you can get pregnant', 'it just wasn't meant to be'. I hate all of these responses."


'Nobody knows what to say to you when you've had a miscarriage' - A reader shares her moving story

"I hope this story speaks to others who have endured loss through miscarriage." Read one woman's heart-wrenching experience and the hard-earned lessons she's taken from the ordeal.


'There was nothing I did or could have done to prevent it': A reader shares her heartfelt experience of miscarriage

"He didn’t say anything as he scanned. He measured and measured again. Tried different angles, pushed different buttons, and the look on his faced changed from a smile to a frown. My heart dropped"

Fertility treatment

WATCH: Should commercial surrogacy be banned?

Surrogacy for commercial gain is prohibited in most countries, including SA but remains an ongoing practice globally. Watch BBC's WorklifeIndia team debate the issue.

Fertility treatment

'A lot of my Hollywood friends are doing it' - Rebel Wilson reveals she's got a fertility plan B in place

The 39-year-old comedian recently opened up about her decision to try egg-freezing as a parenting "back up plan."

Trying to conceive

This is why Anne Hathaway mentioned infertility in her pregnancy announcement

"It's all about us being there for each other," The actress says she wants everyone to know how "painful and very isolating" trying to get pregnant really is.

Fertility treatment

Fertility miracle or fake news? Understanding which IVF ‘add-ons’ really work

Almost 65% of couples in Australia and New Zealand are using ICSI as part of their IVF treatment. But an Australian study has revealed that the use of ICSI may be ineffective in certain groups.

Fertility treatment

WATCH: First US baby born from deceased woman’s donated uterus

Doctors have reported the first successful birth in the US of a baby from the transplanted uterus of a deceased donor.

Fertility treatment

42-year-old woman welcomes quintuplets after 18-year infertility battle

“It is not easy to have five children at once." Successful IVF treatment has resulted in the birth of 5 healthy babies for Nigerian couple in their 40s.

Fertility treatment

Experts answer your questions on donor conception and IVF

From same sex couples looking to start a family to telling children they’re donor-conceived, this article may prove yourself to those thinking about donor conception and IVF.


How men’s damaged sperm could play a significant role in recurrent miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage is typically defined as the loss of three or more pregnancies in a row. As the mother carries the pregnancy, the traditional belief has been that the underlying cause of miscarriage resides with her. But the quality of a father’s sperm plays a significant role too.

Trying to conceive

11 Fascinating facts about conception

Old wives tales and movie-fueled ideas are rife when talking fertility. Here, Julia Boltt looks at the medical facts that may change your approach to conceiving.
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