A grieving mom's Twitter post exposes the spooky reality of being an Internet user

After the devastating loss of her baby, this mom penned an open letter to all tech companies, casting a much-needed light on the reality of living life on online.

Trying to conceive

For many women, tracking their fertility can be an emotional whirlwind and have them give up altogether

Some women use paper charts or fertility apps to track their chances of getting pregnant. But while some may find the experience positive, others feel overwhelmed, or give up altogether.

Trying to conceive

What is the ‘right’ age to have a child?

While there are numerous ways of getting pregnant today, including literally putting one's eggs or sperm on ice to delay parenthood, sooner rather than later still seems to be the consensus.

Fertility problems

"IVF really is that hard. To every woman out there fighting this battle, I salute you"

A reader wrote in anonymously, sharing her struggling with infertility and the physically and emotionally painful journey of IVF. But she shares her story hoping to remind women that they are not alone. "Be strong," she says, "I salute you."

Fertility problems

WATCH: Could stressing about getting pregnant be the reason you’re not getting pregnant?

When you've been trying to conceive for a while, the sheer frustration and stress of it all can leave you feeling so utterly exhausted without any will to keep trying. But it also delays the release of reproductive hormones that tell your body when it's time to ovulate.

Fertility problems

"Infertility is a silent killer, just like cancer – it eats at your soul, as cancer eats at your body"

Talischa Towsen wrote in to tell us about her struggle with infertility after relating to another reader's letter. "It feels like I'm failing," she writes. "Months have turned into years."

Fertility treatment

Woman who gave birth at 62 lied about age to be approved for artificial insemination

Lina Alvarez (now 64) from Galicia in Spain said she’d shaved more than 10 years off her life to get doctors to help her fall pregnant. And now, she advises and offers encouragement to women like her who don’t see age as an impediment to motherhood.

Fertility treatment

WATCH: Robbie and Ayda Williams welcome "secret" baby Coco – via surrogacy

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field welcome secret surrogate daughter.

Fertility problems

"Am I still a man? Men can have kids": A reader shares his heartbreaking struggle with secondary infertility

A reader wrote in anonymously to share his infertility struggle with us saying that, although he tries to be strong for his family, he often questions his worth. "Am I still a man? Men can have kids," he says. "What am I otherwise?"

Trying to conceive

"Men should have the ability to control their own fertility": Readers respond to birth control pills for men

The conversation around birth control pills has caused quite the stir. Here are some of the comments and opinions readers shared regarding the issue.

Trying to conceive

WATCH: Your wonderfully creamy, egg-white cervical fluid and how tracking it may help you fall pregnant

Trying to conceive can be challenging. But there are ways you can optimise your chances of getting pregnant, like tracking your cervical fluid and timing sex accordingly. Watch this video – you won't believe how simple and easy it actually is.

Fertility problems

"The infertility journey is hell – there is no sugar coating it"

Desperate to become a mom herself and waiting for her IVF appointment next month, one of our readers wrote to share her infertility story and all the emotions that come with the "long and lonely", and often hellish, journey.

Trying to conceive

Birth control pills for men? Here's what you need to know

Men on the Pill? Sounds rather unlikely but actually, may soon be our reality. Although still in its trial phase, scientists say male hormonal contraception is looking rather promising. Here’s what you need to know about male birth control pills.

Trying to conceive

WATCH: See every step of your unborn baby's development in this incredible animated video

This amazing animation video shows in detail how two separate cells combine to become a bouncing baby.

Trying to conceive

8 reasons we may wrongly believe we’re infertile

When you’ve been trying to fall pregnant for so long, you can’t help but wonder about the dreaded ‘I’ word: infertility. But the factors misleading us to believe we’re infertile may not necessarily be a case for medical intervention. In fact, it could simply be about understanding and listening to what our bodies are telling us.

Fertility problems

Gabrielle Union on her infertility and adenomyosis diagnosis

During a chat Wednesday at this year’s BlogHer conference in New York City, Gabrielle said a recent diagnosis could have been at the root cause of her infertility issues.

Trying to conceive

Being taller than average makes you more likely to parent multiples and other facts about twins, triplets, and quadruplets

According to science, these factors determine whether you might have twins, triplets, quadruplets or more.

Fertility problems

A reader shares her infertility struggle: "It is beyond anything I have ever had to deal with and I have never felt more depleted and defeated"

A reader wrote in to tell us about her struggle with infertility and trying to fall pregnant saying, quite frankly, "this process destroys who you were and leaves you with nothing but sadness, jealousy and anger".

Trying to conceive

How are quadruplets formed?

In the last three years, 2 sets of naturally conceived quadruplets have been born in South Africa. We asked Dr Malika Patel of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Cape Town to explain how these rarely occurring multiples are conceived.

Fertility problems

Male infertility, an open letter: "I had to make my peace with it but it hurts"

A reader wrote in, anonymously, highlighting that infertility doesn't just affect women. "A Tale of a Gun Loaded With Blanks" he calls his story, sharing how shattered he was after realising that he couldn't have children, even though he'd never really thought of having children of his own.

Trying to conceive

Here's what science says about how you can conceive a boy or girl

We recently came across a study titled, 'More sex during South Africa’s World Cup meant more boys nine months on'. Curious about the science behind it all, we decided to dig deeper and found out why this should be, and how you can actually follow particular methods to conceive a boy or girl.

Fertility problems

"The guilt and anger, the praying and hoping... it's soul destroying" – a reader shares her struggle with infertility

After publishing a story last week explaining why South Africans are choosing to have fewer children, one of our readers wrote in saying that she and her partner, and many other couples, simply don't have the choice.

Fertility treatment

‘Infertile’ couple went from no babies to five in just two years – but there were moments they thought they'd lost them

Mallory Jo Williams (27) and Michael Williams (30) felt like their dream of having a family was doomed.

Fertility treatment

A woman’s best friend helps her conceive by donating her eggs

After struggling with infertility for almost a decade, a woman has finally conceived with the help of her best friend.

Fertility problems

"I never gave up hope" – How a car accident lead to a miracle pregnancy

A reader shared her 11-year struggle with infertility with Parent24. She shares her story, from the heartbreak to the one appointment that would change her life forever.

Fertility problems

“They told me, ‘You’re giving birth like a pig, like a guinea pig’” – A mom’s fight for justice

Hundreds of thousands of indigenous Peruvian women say they were forcibly sterilised as part of a state family planing programme.

Fertility problems

‘Never give up hope’: Sharks player Ross Geldenhuys and wife Madelein thought they'd never have kids – now tells of four 'miracles'

Sharks prop Ross Geldenhuys and his wife Madelein feel blessed to have four children - despite her having polycystic ovary syndrome.

Fertility treatment

Designer babies: Can you choose your baby's gender?

If you could pick having a baby boy or girl - would you? Designer babies is a hot topic, but in South Africa it's mostly illegal.

Trying to conceive

Japanese nurses on rota system to fall pregnant

How would you feel if your boss said sorry, it's not your turn to have a baby? Does an employer have the right to decide how you plan your family? Well in Japan it's become somewhat common, especially if you work at daycare centres or hospitals.
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