Broody for a baby?
What is the fascination we have with children?
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Life has changed so much compared to 50 years ago. People are busy and priorities have changed. Couples marry later in their relationship and they take the time to think about their lives before starting a family. Eventually that maternal/paternal instinct kicks in. Some of Parent24 bloggers share with us why they think people want children:

'I have no idea what makes us want children, I just know that I had a deep yearning for a baby, especially this time round - it felt like real physical pain each month when my period would come. And even though I know babies are hard work, my heart didn’t (and still doesn’t) care about that, I did not feel complete without another baby. I am holding thumbs so hard that this is your month.' - Celtic Mom

'Mm, definitely an indescribable urge.To maybe have an extension of yourself and husband into one being. It remains a total miracle though VERY HARD WORK. But then you have a moment like my son falling asleep on my lap tonight and it is SO WORTH IT!' - sanna

'I didn't want a child now - married when I was 30 so I reckoned I still had at least 120 (10 years x 12 months) good eggs in me. It could wait for me to live my life and enjoy my husband. From the morning of our honeymoon...ALL I WANTED WAS A BABY. It was something primal and DEEP. Hubby was very relieved because he wanted kids from the word go.' - Shell

'Having children is both the easiest and hardest thing you will ever have to do. It is easy because of the love and protection you feel and the fact that you would do anything for them. Nothing is ever enough for your child. The hardest part is not just the usual things like discipline, schooling, worrying about their future etc. but it is also the fact that having a child is like wearing your heart outside of your body and allowing it to roam free.' - Kerry

'Some people say there's a biological imperative to reproduce - the old ticking of the biological clock. Others say they want to leave behind a legacy or carry on the family name. I just say, I've always wanted children because I thought being a mummy would be the most fabulous job in the world - and it is! I think the love you have for your children is incredible - like nothing you've ever experienced before.' - luddite lass

'I’m gonna go with love. Our need to be loved and give love. And after finding your significant other, the best way is probably making little critters of your own that can love you, and that can be loved by you.' - Suki Lock

Why do you think we want children? Is there something more than the 'biological clock'?

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