Knocked up: the sequel
Here’s how this family handled the unexpected news of a second baby on the way.
There's nothing that beats the feeling of seeing that second little line emerging on a pregnancy test.  Especially when you're least expecting it. Perched on the doctor's room chair, I could feel my cheeks begin to flush - and my heart rapidly pounding in my throat.

From the waiting room, I could hear my one-year-old babbling away: no doubt causing the kind of mayhem that, in Dad's eyes, makes the office seem so peaceful by comparison.

‘Do you want to call your hubby in?’ smiled the doc. I nodded and nipped out the door, still trying to process the thought of having a whole new life to look after. There they were: my two boys, still blissfully unaware of how drastically our family dynamic was about to change.

As my hubby caught sight of the pregnancy test, I felt myself gulp in anxiety. All sorts of doubts began flooding my mind... what if he didn't actually want another kid as much as I did? How was he going to deal with supporting a wife and two kids? Had I really thought through what it means to care for a toddler and a baby at the same time?

To my relief, he seemed far more relaxed about the whole thing than I was. ‘Guess you'll really be a FULL time Mom now,’ he smiled.

‘What do you mean? I'm a full time Mom already!’ I snapped. ‘Let's see, have you ever tried concentrating on work while your son's gone off in search of the nearest plughole?’

I'm always fiercely defensive about my newly acquired mothering skills, but the enormous responsibility of managing  two tiny ones, along with a household, is seeming just a little bit daunting to me right now. As I eye the loads of unironed washing and the multitude of toys scattered across the floor, I am amazed at how women have managed to cope with it all through the ages.

Of course, my friends will be sure to suggest I get a nanny. But what's the point of staying at home with your kids if you're just going to outsource the job anyway? ‘Besides’, I tell my husband, ‘that American woman on Supernanny managed to cope with SEVEN kids and the house all on her own!’ Now if I can't cope with two, wouldn't that make me a failure?

Becoming big brother

There are also the usual fears, like how my firstborn is going to cope with a sibling. As a firstborn myself, I've heard stories of how I practically attacked my little brother when my parents brought him home. Not to mention when I tried to squeeze my nearly two-year-old body into his newborn carrycot. Let's just hope my son doesn't take after his mom!

What's more, with my little one not yet weaned, what will he make of someone else encroaching on his territory?  Speaking of breastfeeding, I have visions of chasing my firstborn around the house, with a newborn hanging on to that nipple for dear life. Oh, the things I have to look forward to!

My biggest fear, more than any backlog in housework or jealous siblings, is whether I can love my second child as much as the first. Which is why I'm holding on to the words a very wise woman once gave me: ‘Being a mom to many doesn't mean dividing your heart into pieces. With each new child, you grow a new piece in your heart.’

Only time will tell - but my gut says she's probably right.

How quickly did you adjust to the idea of a second child?

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