Heard of the male contraceptive pill?
Scientists invent first male contraceptive pill! It’s the end of the world as we know it, says our single dad.
‘Until now all attempts to develop a male pill have failed with scientists working on a contraceptive jab for men given by doctors. But researchers in Israel have finally been able to create an oral pill that deactivates sperm before they reach the womb,’ says the Telegraph.

Which got me thinking, would I have had 3 beautiful little angels in my life, if this pill had been available to me 10 years ago? Honestly? I think not. And if not, would I ever have had kids? Who knows?
The thing is, for me, having kids, admittedly unplanned, has been my greatest achievement, my salvation, the answer that makes the rat-race worth it. For me life literally makes no sense if you have no legacy, and there can be no better legacy than the one you leave for your kids to continue and develop.

I don’t know about the necessity of this pill. Men are driven by a natural instinct to want to sow their oats. And we are also driven to shag as many women we can find, it’s natural. In turn, women essentially want to procreate with the biggest cat in the jungle and that does not necessarily mean only one cat. This is the natural state of nature.

Intelligence and society and all that other man-made stuff have tempered our wild ways to behave more responsibly, and it’s probably a good thing too. But this? Imagine, your boy hits puberty and he goes on the pill – jees that even sounds weird. But picture our teens in the future. No one is going to have babies unless they reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy want to. And let’s face it, there are many who advocate that argument.

I predict a dramatic drop in the population rate of the developed world. Today the natural stimuli to procreate, from a man’s perspective (ie to have your genes floating around in as many off-spring as possible) have been replaced by issues like finance, time, motivation, and self-indulgence. On the other hand it could lead to men deciding to have kids when they’re much older, which is a good thing in my opinion as we tend to be better role models to our kids after we’ve survived some of life’s challenges.

Did you hear what I just said? ‘Men deciding when to have kids?’ What is this world coming to? I dunno about this pill. What do you think?

Good idea? Bad idea? Would you take it, or give it to your son?
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