Should 62-year-olds be having babies?
Isn’t there an age after which it’s just unfair to the kids? Our single dad ponders.

I swear you can’t make this up! In one of my previous articles I wrote about the 13-year-old kid in the UK who became a dad. Now this! A 62-year-old, psychiatrist no less, gave birth to twins recently. 

This just gives me the heebie jeebies. Why did she do it? The twins were born prematurely, but are healthy, according to reports. ‘I wanted a family, but when I was frustrated by the adoption service I realised the only way to make this happen would be to give birth to my own children,’ she said. ‘Age was not an obstacle for me. I so much wanted to have children. I would not like to look too much in the future. I hope that the babies will be well.’

Good for you! Not! What about the kids? Is it fair to bring them into the world when your best years are behind you and you might just croak at any minute! Surely there is a damn good reason why nature stops us biologically from having kids at a certain age! What were you doing in your 20s and 30s, I wonder? And how come you never had kids back then? Of course I’m being sanctimonious and judgemental, because this really isn’t any of my business. Or is it? Who speaks for the kids? Would they choose to be born through artificial means, of a 62-year-old mother? Who knows?

On the upside, maybe mom is as clever as she appears to be in the article, and maybe she lives to 100 and gives the kids a good foundation before she moves on to the big psychiatric clinic in the sky!

And what about the social implications on us as a society? Should this issue not be regarded in the same light as say voluntary euthanasia, or assisted suicide, or am I just full of it? I mean there are laws that allow you to commit someone to an insane asylum if you think they’re liable to hurt themselves or someone else.

Should we be thinking about having a parenting, or childbearing competency exam based on various things, including age and mental capacity? Or should we say yay, well-done granny? Look how far we’ve come as society, isn’t technology marvellous?

And what about the religious implications? Is she playing God by side-stepping nature’s design? All these questions…. Do you have any answers?

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