Fertility treatment



Couple left ‘devastated’ after surrogate baby is born with ‘Asian’ features

One surrogacy story has the internet up in arms this week when a would-be dad shared his and his wife's story.

Fertility treatment

WATCH: Should commercial surrogacy be banned?

Surrogacy for commercial gain is prohibited in most countries, including SA but remains an ongoing practice globally. Watch BBC's WorklifeIndia team debate the issue.

Fertility treatment

'A lot of my Hollywood friends are doing it' - Rebel Wilson reveals she's got a fertility plan B in place

The 39-year-old comedian recently opened up about her decision to try egg-freezing as a parenting "back up plan."

Fertility treatment

Fertility miracle or fake news? Understanding which IVF ‘add-ons’ really work

Almost 65% of couples in Australia and New Zealand are using ICSI as part of their IVF treatment. But an Australian study has revealed that the use of ICSI may be ineffective in certain groups.

Fertility treatment

WATCH: First US baby born from deceased woman’s donated uterus

Doctors have reported the first successful birth in the US of a baby from the transplanted uterus of a deceased donor.

Fertility treatment

42-year-old woman welcomes quintuplets after 18-year infertility battle

“It is not easy to have five children at once." Successful IVF treatment has resulted in the birth of 5 healthy babies for Nigerian couple in their 40s.

Fertility treatment

Experts answer your questions on donor conception and IVF

From same sex couples looking to start a family to telling children they’re donor-conceived, this article may prove yourself to those thinking about donor conception and IVF.

Fertility treatment

WATCH: How surrogacy turned two strangers into friends for life

These two women formed an unbreakable bond when one gave birth to the other's baby.

Fertility treatment

Struggling to conceive? Here are your options

From IVF to acupuncture, we've listed every option available to you if you're struggling to conceive, along with the contact details to fertility clinics around the country.

Fertility treatment

Woman who gave birth at 62 lied about age to be approved for artificial insemination

Lina Alvarez (now 64) from Galicia in Spain said she’d shaved more than 10 years off her life to get doctors to help her fall pregnant. And now, she advises and offers encouragement to women like her who don’t see age as an impediment to motherhood.

Fertility treatment

WATCH: Robbie and Ayda Williams welcome "secret" baby Coco – via surrogacy

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field welcome secret surrogate daughter.

Fertility treatment

Law ending sperm donor secrecy helps Australian find her dad

Australian state stripped away anonymity promised to sperm and egg donors with law that has brought unexpected joy and upended lives

Fertility treatment

‘Infertile’ couple went from no babies to five in just two years – but there were moments they thought they'd lost them

Mallory Jo Williams (27) and Michael Williams (30) felt like their dream of having a family was doomed.

Fertility treatment

A woman’s best friend helps her conceive by donating her eggs

After struggling with infertility for almost a decade, a woman has finally conceived with the help of her best friend.

Fertility treatment

Designer babies: Can you choose your baby's gender?

If you could pick having a baby boy or girl - would you? Designer babies is a hot topic, but in South Africa it's mostly illegal.

Fertility treatment

So what's the deal with donating eggs?

If you're interested in assisted conception or in becoming an egg donor, our sex columnist Jade Zwane has all the information you'd need.

Fertility treatment

Four babies in one year for British mom who struggled to conceive

"We couldn't believe it. It was a massive shock but we were obviously delighted."

Fertility treatment

“My endometriosis led to me having a child via surrogacy”

Blogger Susann Deysel shares the journey to becoming a mother via surrogacy, after endometriosis left her infertile.

Fertility treatment

‘I’m having my husband’s sister’s baby!’

Rachel is now 31 weeks pregnant with a little girl.

Fertility treatment

Why donor-conceived children need to know their origins

In Australia, it's law that all kids born via egg or sperm donation has the right to know who the donor was. Should this legal in South Africa too?

Fertility treatment

64-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to twins after IVF

After receiving fertility treatment in the US, a Spanish woman successfully gave birth to twins - a girl and a boy.

Fertility treatment

From "unexplained fertility" to 13 eggs and 2 babies

A mom of twin boys shares her and her husband's journey of fertility treatment – from being told they're infertile to going for IVF treatment.

Fertility treatment

World's first baby born from 3-parent technique - report

The world's first baby has been born thanks to a controversial new technique employed by US scientists to include DNA from three parents in the embryo, a report says.
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