Trying to conceive


Trying to conceive

Plot twist: When trying to conceive, dad's age matters too

It’s not just women who need to consider their age when planning a family. Studies reveal that men show a 50% lower chance of conceiving after a year of trying at age 35, compared with men younger than 25. Plus, older age in fathers is linked with a variety of health conditions affecting their offspring.

Trying to conceive

11 Fascinating facts about conception

Old wives tales and movie-fueled ideas are rife when talking fertility. Here, Julia Boltt looks at the medical facts that may change your approach to conceiving.

Trying to conceive

Guatemalan moms with more children live longer: Here's why

Scientists may have stumbled across the fountain of youth and, spoiler, it could all be down to the number of children you bear. Or is it?

Trying to conceive

For many women, tracking their fertility can be an emotional whirlwind and have them give up altogether

Some women use paper charts or fertility apps to track their chances of getting pregnant. But while some may find the experience positive, others feel overwhelmed, or give up altogether.

Trying to conceive

What is the ‘right’ age to have a child?

While there are numerous ways of getting pregnant today, including literally putting one's eggs or sperm on ice to delay parenthood, sooner rather than later still seems to be the consensus.

Trying to conceive

Trying to conceive? Cervical fluid's the one thing you probably didn't think to check

Trying to conceive can be challenging. But there are ways you can optimise your chances of getting pregnant, like tracking your cervical fluid and timing sex accordingly. Watch this video – you won't believe how simple and easy it actually is.

Trying to conceive

"Men should have the ability to control their own fertility": Readers respond to birth control pills for men

The conversation around birth control pills has caused quite the stir. Here are some of the comments and opinions readers shared regarding the issue.

Trying to conceive

Birth control pills for men? Here's what you need to know

Men on the Pill? Sounds rather unlikely but actually, may soon be our reality. Although still in its trial phase, scientists say male hormonal contraception is looking rather promising. Here’s what you need to know about male birth control pills.

Trying to conceive

WATCH: See every step of your unborn baby's development in this incredible animated video

This amazing animation video shows in detail how two separate cells combine to become a bouncing baby.

Trying to conceive

8 reasons we may wrongly believe we’re infertile

When you’ve been trying to fall pregnant for so long, you can’t help but wonder about the dreaded ‘I’ word: infertility. But the factors misleading us to believe we’re infertile may not necessarily be a case for medical intervention. In fact, it could simply be about understanding and listening to what our bodies are telling us.

Trying to conceive

Being taller than average makes you more likely to parent multiples and other facts about twins, triplets, and quadruplets

According to science, these factors determine whether you might have twins, triplets, quadruplets or more.

Trying to conceive

How are quadruplets formed?

In the last three years, 2 sets of naturally conceived quadruplets have been born in South Africa. We asked Dr Malika Patel of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Cape Town to explain how these rarely occurring multiples are conceived.

Trying to conceive

Japanese nurses on rota system to fall pregnant

How would you feel if your boss said sorry, it's not your turn to have a baby? Does an employer have the right to decide how you plan your family? Well in Japan it's become somewhat common, especially if you work at daycare centres or hospitals.

Trying to conceive

Busted! Fertility misconceptions explained

Put your legs in the air after sex. You only need to worry if you’re 35. Being on the pill delays your fertility. True or false? We dispel the most common fertility myths – and tell you which ones are true.

Pregnancy health

Pregnancy and folic acid: a prevention success story

While the exact cause of spina bifida and other neural-tube defects isn’t known, what’s certain is that proper supplementation of the B vitamin folic acid, both before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy, goes a long way to preventing these devastating birth defects.

Trying to conceive

Kim Kardashian West welcomes a baby girl and thanks her surrogate for “the greatest gift one could give”

Kim Kardashian welcomes her new baby via surrogate and we explain what it's really like for both mother and carrier.

Trying to conceive

How sleep and alcohol affects your chances of conception

Struggling to sleep may affect a woman’s chance of falling pregnant, new research has found.

Trying to conceive

This app will help you find someone to have a baby with

This app helps you find someone to procreate with.

Trying to conceive

Who had the most babies ever? Mrs Vassilyeva, that's who

With 69 children, Mrs Vassilyeva holds the world record for the most children born to one woman.

Trying to conceive

Trying to conceive? Put down the peanut butter

Did you know these everyday things could stop you from falling pregnant?

Trying to conceive

Ovulation calculator: when am I fertile?

Are you trying to get pregnant? Get out your calendar and try our ovulation calculator and tips.

Trying to conceive

So you think you can parent?

Forget what any so-called experts have told you, if you can survive these 5 scenarios, you’re the stuff parents are made of!

Trying to conceive

Seven simple reasons to save your swimmers

Semen cryopreservation is not only for men battling cancer.

Trying to conceive

Have sex, in any position and often

Certain positions for sex, certain positions for after sex - scrap it all!
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