Ntombee Mzolo speaks about helping mothers heal after losing their babies: ‘Losing my baby inspired the idea’

Here's how Local singer Ntombee Mzolo is helping other women who have lost their babies after she lost her second-born child in 2015.


Join the October Walk of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss awareness

"Pregnancy and Infant loss is not a much talked about subject, yet there is a great need in the community to acknowledge the reality of this immense loss."


'To every woman who has gone through this, you are not alone' - A reader's touching story of miscarriage

"People have told me things like 'at least it happened early', 'it wasn't really a baby yet', 'you can try again', 'at least you know you can get pregnant', 'it just wasn't meant to be'. I hate all of these responses."


Even a little drinking while pregnant ups miscarriage odds

A modest amount of alcohol use during pregnancy has a meaningful impact on miscarriage risk.


'Nobody knows what to say to you when you've had a miscarriage' - A reader shares her moving story

"I hope this story speaks to others who have endured loss through miscarriage." Read one woman's heart-wrenching experience and the hard-earned lessons she's taken from the ordeal.


'There was nothing I did or could have done to prevent it': A reader shares her heartfelt experience of miscarriage

"He didn’t say anything as he scanned. He measured and measured again. Tried different angles, pushed different buttons, and the look on his faced changed from a smile to a frown. My heart dropped"


How men’s damaged sperm could play a significant role in recurrent miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage is typically defined as the loss of three or more pregnancies in a row. As the mother carries the pregnancy, the traditional belief has been that the underlying cause of miscarriage resides with her. But the quality of a father’s sperm plays a significant role too.


Hilaria Baldwin: Opening up about miscarriage made it 'less scary'

Hilaria Baldwin talks about how sharing her experience of miscarriage made it less "scary".


Shining the light on child loss with The Empty Project

Losing a child can be a lonely experience. This mom uses her photography to shed some light on the immense grief of child loss.


How to deal with a miscarriage

Devorah Kur gives advice on how to handle miscarriages along with the emotional feelings of loss and depression that follow.


Do men grieve over a miscarriage?

When a woman suffers the loss of her baby, the grieving is inevitable. So, should we expect our partners to grieve with us, or be the pillars of strength through an emotional time?


A grieving mom's Twitter post exposes the spooky reality of being an Internet user

After the devastating loss of her baby, this mom penned an open letter to all tech companies, casting a much-needed light on the reality of living life on online.


Common painkillers could cause miscarriages

Taking painkillers in early pregnancy could lead to miscarriage.


WATCH: Gabrielle Union and 11 other A-list celebrities who have opened up about their miscarriages

Gabrielle Union recently opened up about having had “eight or nine miscarriages”. We look back at some other big names who have also struggled with fertility and gone on to have beautiful babies.


"I still cry for my babies"

Miscarriage can bring about a devastating period of confusion and depression, as this reader found out last year. But there's hope, she says.


"No-one wanted to hear about my miscarriage"

A woman and mother tells us about the terrible isolation and loss she felt after her miscarriage - because society would not discuss the topic.


What you should know about miscarriage

Miscarriage is a word all pregnant women fear. What does it mean to have a miscarriage? And what are the causes?

Pregnancy health

6 signs you’re having a miscarriage

How to interpret your body's indicators that you may be losing your baby.


‘I lost my baby’

The absence of a heartbeat confirmed what this pregnant mom already knew: the baby was not alive.


Predicting miscarriages

Researchers find accurate way to predict which pregnancies may miscarry.


An unexpected miscarriage

Since we were over the first trimester we thought it would be plain sailing from then on, but we were wrong.


Misunderstanding miscarriage

When your pregnant friend suddenly isn’t anymore, there are some key things not to say.
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