Download past matric exam papers for free here

Here's a list of all the matric subject pages where you can find past NSC matric exam papers dating from 2008, as well as IEB past papers, to download for free and practice on.

High school

Exams 2019: How to study Maths and Sciences

"Most learners stick to a one-size-fits-all approach without understanding that different subjects require different approaches to studying." Step Up Education Centre's Cindy Glass provides some insight into cracking the code on the tougher subjects.

School matters

3 ways technology can simplify school admin

It’s time to progress to the age of technology-enabled parenting.

School matters

WATCH: Mother of four recommends 'unschooling' children

Unschooling contrasts with other forms of home education in that the student's education is not directed by a teacher and curriculum.

School matters

South Africans prefer their children to be taught in English

Research conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council has found that a majority of the South African population favour English as the language of instruction at all levels of education.

School matters

Can I apply for a school fees subsidy as a single parent?

Since 2018, says LAW FOR ALL, whether separated or divorced, single parents’ fee exemption applications will be processed in relation to their individual circumstances.

High school

Grade 9, the new matric? The good, the bad and the ugly

Angie Motshekga has unveiled a plan to let learners leave school at Grade 9 with a General Education Certificate.

High school

'Every girl is capable of being great' - This local NGO prepares girls for success after school

"There are so many people out there looking for work. They have many more opportunities than a girl from a disadvantaged area." Great Girls founder Kristina Miller says SA youth need more employment programmes to "bridge the poverty gap."

Tertiary education

Student hunger at South African universities needs more attention

"The lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food – at South African tertiary institutions show an alarming picture that mirrors the social divisions bedevilling the country".

Primary school

'Men are disappointing us' - PE primary school learners protest for a safer South Africa

Learners from St Augustine’s Primary School in Port Elizabeth protested in the city centre against violence against women and children.

School matters

South African teachers switch languages in class: why policy should follow

"According to the country’s official language policies, schools must choose a language or languages of learning and teaching."

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

7 strategies to ensure successful matric results

A step by step guide for how to handle the critical last weeks leading up to matric finals.

Matric past exam papers

PRINTABLE: The NSC 2019 exam calendar

The dates and times South African matrics will write their final exams in 2019.

High school

These organisations help matric students attend their dance with dignity

These organisations help make the dream of attending a matric dance possible for every child in South Africa.


LATEST PICTURES | #AmInext Protests: South African women and students have had enough

Cape Town-based learners and students came out in droves this week in support of Cape Town's "day of mourning" protests against gender-based violence.

School matters

How to get kids talking about their school day

Some top pointers for parents who want their kids to talk about their school day, without irritating them or having them shut down.

Tertiary education

Copyright bill will make cost of studying cheaper

The adoption of fair use outlined in the pending Copyright Amendment Bill has long been endorsed by a number of public interest organisations. But the bill has been waiting for the president to sign it into law since at least April.

School matters

No internet for over a year at this Western Cape public library

"There are unemployed people who come here and students who wish to apply for tertiary [education]. We turn them all away because the computers are off. The library is small and needs to be extended. It is in a big yard, but the City is not willing to extend it."

Tertiary education

Five years in jail for lying on your CV: just don't do it

An update to the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act 12 of 2019 now means that claiming you have a qualification you don't actually have can land you in jail.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

4 matric year facts to help your teen keep calm and study on

"Freeing up this mental energy and directing it towards exam prep will also ultimately make a world of difference to a learner's performance."

Tertiary education

5 tips for tertiary students to avoid burnout

Ryan a researcher specialising in identifying strategies to help college students get through their first year of college lays out the ways you can avoid colege burnout.

School matters

Let’s teach our children to connect as well as count – why schools need more community in the curriculum

Adding community-focused learning to the school curriculum has the potential to make academic learning not only more fun but also more relevant to the real lives of children proposes UK-based researcher.

Primary school

Who am I? Why am I here? Why children should be taught philosophy (beyond better test scores)

Philosophy doesn’t just improve children’s grades, it helps them make meaning of their place in the world.

School matters

Lawyer: You can sue if your child is injured at school

"If your child is injured at school or during extra-curricular school activities due to negligence on the part of the school, you may be able to pursue compensation for your child’s personal injury," says Kirstie Haslam of DSC Attorneys.

School matters

The WCED clarifies its stance on the use of electronic media in schools

"The district is currently in conversation with the Film and Publications Board... in terms of additional guidelines for the use of electronic media."

School matters

Pupils left traumatised after school screenings of violent films

"The material shown was not assessed and the children were given the freedom to leave the class if they so desired," Principle Kinkead-Weekes told Parent24.

School matters

Is homework worthwhile?

Does making kids study in what could be their personal time, pay off?

School matters

Coding and Robotics: not for young children!

Willem van der Velden of the Centre for Creative Education shares his compelling reasons for a more careful choice as to when children should be exposed to Coding and Robotics.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

The 2019 June Examination Grade 12 results are out!

Candidates may apply for a recheck or a remark of their subject results, by 16 August 2019.

High school

Math whizz winner at International Maths Olympiad third year in a row

Adri Wessels is putting South Africa on the map with his amazing aptitude for mathematics.

School matters

'Kids have suffered enough': Read one mom's plea to save kids from heavy school bags

"Imagine the suffering of the kids that don't have transport, especially in the hilly area we live in. I really feel so sorry for them."

School matters

OPINION: A smiling Hendrik Verwoerd is not the answer to the education crisis

“What is the use of teaching the Bantu child mathematics when it cannot use it in practice? That is quite absurd. Education must train people in accordance with their opportunities in life, according to the sphere in which they live.”

School matters

Teacher development is critical to rescuing SA’s education system

"You cannot win the war if you don’t train your army." Mounting research is showing that teachers are the key agents for the change needed to deliver quality education to South Africa’s children.

School matters

When exactly do school subsidies take effect? An expert advises

"In the beginning of every year, we apply. We only receive feedback in July/August. Then the school informs you with a statement that you are still liable for the full monthly school fees since January, after getting a subsidy, and that you only qualify for the last 4/5 months."

School matters

‘Ridiculed in front of my kids’: Readers share that schools still withhold reports

"Parents are being webbed into this devious way of collecting outstanding fees by retaining the learner's report, knowing very well it is emotional blackmail and intimidation."

School matters

Math challenges? A school psychologist could help

When people think about who is involved in supporting math learning, they tend to forget this key player.

School matters

'Learners need to build pathways': A robotics teaching expert shares her approach to teaching kids these subjects

Many people are excited about the new topic added to the school curriculum and many parents feel it will be a waste of time. Both groups can be correct, it all depends if the implementation is done correctly.

High school

Pearson may be scrapping physical textbooks in favour of e-books but SA is ready for the change

"Over half our annual revenues come from digital sales, so we've decided a little bit like in other industries like newspapers or music or in broadcast that it is time to flick the switch in how we primarily make and create our products."
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