Matric past exam papers

Matric exams 2018! Here's all you need to know

The matric 2018 end-of-year exams start Monday, 15 October. We've compiled all the information to help you and your teen get through them.

Primary school

Help! My child is writing exams in two weeks!

Exams don't have to be a stressful and anxious time. By being positive and motivating your child, she will be able to keep her cool during exams.

Tertiary education

Vote, take risks, be fearless: Celebs offer advice to grads

"Press on with pride, and press on with purpose," Chadwick Boseman told graduates at a commencement ceremony as graduation season is in full swing in the US.

Matric past exam papers

PRINTABLE: The Amended Senior Certificate May/June 2018 exam calendar

Here are the dates and times those inspirational South African adults who want to get their matrics are sitting for the Amended Senior Certificate exams in May/June 2018.

Primary school

"We're not reconciling our youth with sport, we're dividing them"

A reader responds to racial inclusivity in sports and says, while reconciliation is important and it must be implemented, we need to be careful how we go about it, as we may be creating a culture of "resentment and anger" among our youth.

Matric past exam papers

PRINTABLE: The NSC 2018 exam calendar

The dates and times South African matrics will write their final exams in 2018.

Development & Behaviour

"3 crucial ways daycare centres can improve reading in SA": reader responds

International literacy consultant Thomas Benjamin comments on South Africa's reading crisis by identifying three real obstacles in preschool level - and offering a few solutions.

Primary school

Why racial inclusivity in sports should start at primary school level

Over the weekend former Rugby Player of the Year, Ashwin Willemse, made headlines when he stormed off the SuperSport set during a live broadcast. He said he was tired of being labelled a "quota player" and he refused to be "patronised by two individuals (Naas Botha and Nick Mallett) who played in an apartheid/segregated era". Stellenbosch University lecturer Francois Cleophas explains how today's racial division in sport participation is rooted in colonialism. Which is exactly why we should encourage racial inclusivity in sports at primary school level already.

Primary school

South Africa’s reading crisis: focus on the root cause - teacher training

South Africa ranked last out of 50 countries in the 2016 Progress in International Reading Literacy (PIRLS) study - the reading crisis is no overstatement. But here are several strategies that can improve children's reading.

High school

Why sexting must be on the curriculum

As parents, and teachers, we need to do more to ensure our children receive the information they need to avoid digital dilemmas and risks.

Primary school

3 local apps making school admin and finance easier for parents and teachers

Yes, that shiver down your spine at the sound of the words "school", "admin" and "finance" in the same sentence is normal, but these apps just made it a whole lot simpler.

High school

Are we creating "incompetent future surgeons" or more opportunities? Readers respond to scrapping supplementary exams

The Department of Basic Education will be scrapping supplementary exams and allow matrics to rewrite a second national exam in the following May/June instead. While some of our readers agreed that this will give students much needed study time, others felt they are making things just a little too easy.

High school

Supplementary exams will be replaced with a second national exam in 2019

Department of Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga announced that the Department will scrap supplementary exams from next year in an effort to improve the matric pass rate and create more opportunities for students.

High school

Chasing academic As? You're limiting your child's possibilities

What will your approach be this term after receiving your little child's report card? Are you pushing your children to achieve As?

Primary school

IN PICTURES: Historic schools of South Africa

Did you know some of the oldest schools in the country are more than 200 years old and still going strong? Here's a look at just a few of them with images and history, compliments of Sigi Howes from the Centre for Conservation Education.

Primary school

SA's oldest schools: Readers respond

If there's anything we've come to realise since publishing a list of some of the country's oldest schools, it's that memories never die and school pride is forever.

Primary school

Updated: Maths tuition, apps and videos for SA kids

Does your child need a bit of a boost understanding and practising maths? Or is she bored at school and need some extra stimulation? Try these maths programmes that will put the joy back into mathematical discovery!

Primary school

This list with 200 of South Africa's oldest schools may surprise you

We spoke to the principal and primary researcher for the Centre for Conservation Education, Ms Sigi Howes, about what the history books say about South Africa's oldest schools.

Tertiary education

Graduation day feels: we celebrate the sacrifices and triumphs

This year our graduands went all out for their ceremonies. Here are some of our favourite tweets and posts from grad season.

Tertiary education

Why universities need to invest in strong advice systems for students

Proper guidance, support and advice can help university students enormously.

Learning difficulties

Sophie's story and the importance of detecting autism in our girls at an early age

2 April was World Autism Day and this year, the focus was on the empowerment of women and girls with autism. This is Sophie's story, highlighting that when our girls aren't diagnosed early on, they do not receive the support they need to help them flourish.

Tertiary education

Work hard, read your books, and university will be a breeze… or will it?

Two SA students at university: one with family and financial support, the other without. Do both have the same chance? Local researchers investigate.

Learning difficulties

How to help autistic children socialise in school

Some children with autism need a little help when socialising with others in school, while others actually prefer having fewer friends. It might just be about finding what works best for your child and adapting accordingly.

Primary school

8 things great teachers do differently

Is it possible to pinpoint what makes a great teacher? Here's 8 ways to go from average to great.

Primary school

Why sarcasm is such a brilliantly inclusive and effective way to teach children – not

Children often cannot distinguish between when we're being serious and sarcastic, and while it might not seem like such a big deal to parents and teachers, it can leave children feeling disrespected and alone.

Tertiary education

"How can you build a strong house with a broken foundation?": Our readers respond to English support at tertiary level

We recently published an article suggesting that students at university might do better with additional support, particularly when it comes to better understanding the English language. While some of our readers agreed, others felt English should already be taught in the foundation phase. What do you think?

Primary school

The ins and outs of school governing bodies

With schools across the country selecting their new governing bodies, Nicola Davies-Laubscher finds out exactly what school governing bodies do and who can serve on them.

Tertiary education

How much does a first year at a SA tertiary institution cost in 2018?

Parent24 compares different qualifications at a few of South Africa’s state and private universities and colleges.

High school

5 lessons from a new high school mom

With her eldest daughter starting high school this year, Nicola Davies-Laubscher looks back at some of the lessons learned over the first few weeks.

Tertiary education

Give varsity students good English support and it can change their lives and SA's economy

Many university students find themselves struggling to learn in English. This can leave them feeling frustrated and demotivated which can lead to them dropping out. What can be done about this?

Primary school

Real-life maths or abstract maths? Why abstraction is so amazing

"We’ve created a space where the rules are minimalistic, yet the games that can be played are endless."

High school

Here's why students at prestigious high schools still cheat on exams

Great expectations? When the stakes are high, the temptation to cheat is multiplied, says researchers. This 20-year study found the underlying reason cheating is so prevalent in affluent schools.

Primary school

21 all-time favourite and a few new unique fundraising ideas for schools

From bake sales and auctions to carnivals and sleepovers, we've got all the fundraising ideas you'll need to have a successful school year.

Primary school

How education today can combat disasters tomorrow

What history has taught us about education and empowering our kids – the leaders of the future, who could help to shape, manage and prevent climate change crises and wars.

Primary school

Screen time: What schools think about cellphone usage

A rule guide of what South African schools' policies say about the use of cellphones during the hours spent at school and at home.

Primary school

Multilingualism in education must be celebrated as a resource, not a problem

There are 11 official languages in South Africa, all of which should be celebrated this International Mother Language Day.

Primary school

How SA's many languages can improve education and unlock the youth's potential

Africa’s massive variety of languages should be celebrated as it is the key to empowering the youth and having them contribute sustainably to societal transformation and economic progress.

Learning difficulties

How kids helped to design a science centre in George

Creative teaching could trigger a bigger interest in science, and could be a very necessary tool in improving education in South Africa.

Primary school

The co-ed vs. single-sex school debate

Single-sex or mixed schools – which is best for my child?
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