Primary school

Yes or no to homework? Parents respond

We recently published a letter sent in by the headmaster at Riverview Preparatory School in Mpumalanga, Gareth Dry, in which he explained exactly why we should do away with homework. We got so many responses from parents, some of whom agreed, some with differing views, but they seem to have reopened the debate. What are your thoughts?

Matric past exam papers

NSC past exam papers: Technical Sciences

Download these new Technical Sciences exemplars to help you prepare for the matric exams.

Matric past exam papers

NSC past exam papers: Technical Mathematics

Download these new Technical Mathematics exemplars to help you prepare for the matric exams.

High school

Spot the fake news: How analysing patterns helps students detect deceptive media

Showing students how to determine source credibility, and to analyse tone, bias and motive, is a great way to help them with their media literacy. Here's how students are filtering through and deciphering what they’re reading.

Primary school

"Homework? No thank you" – a principal responds

"All the latest and best research around the world now indicates that homework at primary school level is unnecessary and often dangerous to the cognitive and social development of our children. To give or not to give homework is not an ‘age old debate’ as it is actually no longer a debate. The science is in and it is irrefutable."

High school

Is this the world’s coolest teacher?

A video showing a high school teacher rapping and dancing with her students has gone viral.

High school

Helping teachers get better at ‘how’ to teach as well as ‘what’ to teach

"Some don’t want to try out new assessment methods. Others are reluctant to use technology for teaching. And some resist any sort of professional development because they’re used to doing things in a particular way."

Primary school

Improving the teaching standards in South Africa: the carrot or the stick?

Academic outcomes can be accomplished by high teaching quality, but sadly, teaching is not seen as the most prestigious and attractive profession in South Africa. Research on newly qualified teachers also indicates that students enter their studies with very poor skills, motivation and passion, and leave with little more. We need to change this in order to turn SA's teaching cycle from a vicious to a virtuous one.

Primary school

School civvies days: "You pay to wear your OWN clothes. Imagine"

"Corruption in this country started back in primary school when we had to pay R10 to wear our own clothes." 7 reasons why civvies day isn't the best idea.

Tertiary education

"What's one thing you wish you knew before starting university?" – Students respond

From lack of printers to lack of sleep, students share some of the things they wish they knew before starting university.

Tertiary education

Your ultimate university guide

Feeling anxious about starting university? Totally understandable! Not to worry though, we're here to help you through this exciting new chapter.

Primary school

OPINION: Lessons from the Schweizer-Reneke incident and how we can unlearn racism

"Racism is learned and can therefore be unlearned. Teachers can play a significant role in mediating the negative effect of racism in classrooms, schools and society." Jerome Joorst, a lecturer at Stellenbosch University, shares his thoughts on how, in light of the Schweizer-Reneke incident, we can start conversations to disrupt the rigid narratives of race.

Learning difficulties

Dyslexia affects up to 5 kids per class, yet most teachers don’t understand it well

A survey of Welsh and British teachers found that only 40% of teachers were able to properly describe the cognitive aspects associated with dyslexia.

Learning difficulties

Tips to make homework less stressful

Homework may seem like the most tedious and unnecessary of tasks to our kids, but here, Adele Keyser explains why it's a great way to help your child.

Primary school

OPINION: Do your kids learn 5 000 new English words every year?

How the simple act of reading bedtime stories to your children could be the most significant contribution you can make to their future success.

Tertiary education

University expectations vs. reality

Take it from someone who's been through it all, the university experience may be a little different than you thought...

Learning difficulties

WATCH: How one school’s colourful sensory hallway helps kids to be calm and centered in class

Complete with frog jumps and bugs to stomp on, this sensory hallway is keeping kids active while giving them a therapeutic release for all their negative emotions.

Tertiary education

Extended courses and lecturers who care can help ensure no student gets left behind

In a recently published collection of articles titled 'Teaching in Extended Programmes in South Africa', it is revealed that lecturers at tertiary institutions really do make students the centre of their teaching practice.

Primary school

What do extramurals cost in SA in 2019?

Feeling limited by the list of extracurriculars offered by your child's school? We look at the costs of dozens of options: from ballet and boxing to music and Mandarin.

Back to School

This dad compared 6 retailers to find the most affordable stationery for his domestic worker's child

We compared 6 top retailers to find the most affordable supplier of stationery supplies and it turns out the store we frequent most often, isn’t the cheapest of the lot.

Primary school

Why do my children need to learn to code? What’s all the fuss?

It is predicted that coding will be the most important skill in the future to have. Here's why it's important to encourage your children to learn how to code.

High school

Short back and sides, no afros please: SA schools still cling to traditional rules in 2019

What are the hair rules and regulations for schools across South Africa? Well, some are more progressive in letting boys grow out their hair, provided it's neat, of course, while others still refuse to embrace everyone's natural hair, including afros. Really? In 2019?


PRINT IT: A monthly calendar to help you organise your family's 2019

We designed a pretty 2019 calendar for you to print out and stick to your fridge.

Tertiary education

What SA’s matric pass rate means for universities

In 2018, out of a total of 270 516 mathematics writers, 37% passed with 40% and above. And those who start university and come in with a National Senior Certificate mathematics mark of 90% and above are more likely to pass a university course, usually with an average mean of 64%, if they're lucky. So although strengthening the pool of students will require efforts at primary and secondary level, the onus for growing the pool of qualified graduates lies with higher education.

Tertiary education

What if I don’t get into my dream institution or course?

Don't freak out! We've compiled a few useful tips on what to do after that first rejection letter.

Tertiary education

Bursaries, scholarships & loans: Here's how to fund your studies

Find the contact details for South Africa's tertiary institutions' finance offices, plus websites where you can find more on bursaries and student loans.

Tertiary education

South Africa's universities and colleges: contact details

Deciding where to study after matric is exciting – and potentially confusing. Here we list nearly 200 tertiary institutions in South Africa to kick-start your research.

High school

This teacher is showing us a side of teaching we rarely see

It's one of the most underrated jobs and this teacher is showing us just how far educators are willing to go to ensure their students are successful.

Matric past exam papers

How each SA province fared in matric exams over the last 5 years

With the 2018 NSC matric results all wrapped up, let's take a look at how each province has performed academically from 2014 to 2018.

Tertiary education

How much did a first year at a SA tertiary institution cost in 2018?

Parent24 compares different qualifications at a few of South Africa’s state and private universities and colleges.

Back to School

From playschool to big school: 6 ways parents can help make the transition easier for their children

"Increased demands and an unfamiliar environment can be daunting, and children need to be eased into the new situation." An expert shares how you can help make this milestone easier for your little one.

Back to School

How much does stationery cost?

Here's what the average cost of stationery is in South Africa.

Matric past exam papers

These are the government schools that got a 100% matric pass rate in 2018!

Over 500 schools in the country achieved a 100% pass rate for the 2018 matric exams and a fifth of them have been doing so for 5 years now. These are SA's top achieving schools.

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PRINTABLE: School morning checklist

Are you wary of having chaotic mornings with the kids and realising you forgot something at home after just pulling up in front of the school gates? Print our helpful little checklist to ensure some sweeter school mornings.

Matric past exam papers

This is how Matric results are celebrated in the Twitter streets

The speech has been made, the results have been released and hundreds of thousands of learners are celebrating their success. See how the class of 2018 reacted to their matric results.

Matric past exam papers

Anxiously awaiting the 2018 matric results? Laugh away the stress with these hilarious Twitter posts

As parents, teens and the country at large awaits the NSC matric results, here are inspiring and hilarious tweets and memes from social media to keep the nerves at bay.

Tertiary education

Is multilinguism the silver bullet in SA varsities, or does it in fact create elitism?

It is a beautiful ideal that our Constitution provides for education in each of our official languages. But if the government doesn't provide funding to properly see this through, it may end up excluding minority groups – again. Dr Dioné Harley explains.

Matric past exam papers

Where can we get the 2018 matric results?

The wait is almost over for the matric class of 2018. Here are seven ways to access exam results.
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