Matric past exam papers Matrics exams 2018!



Matric past exam papers

Download past matric exam papers here: now updated to include Feb 2018

Here's a list of all the matric subject pages, where you can find old NSC matric exam papers dating from 2008.

Matric past exam papers

The new NSC June 2019 exams: all you need to know

Out with the old in with the new, here's all the details you'll need if you plan on registering for the NSC June 2019 exams.

High school

South Africa's top rugby high schools in 2018

From the First XV rankings to Rugby365's top 20 list, see which schools from around the country came out tops for 2018.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Intelligence and study styles: What works best for your child?

Visual or auditory, logical or social... or perhaps a combination of some? Find your child's strengths and help them reach their potential, whether they're writing exams or choosing subjects.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

School exams! We're here to help with past papers, study guides and tips

It's that time of the year: all the grades from Grade 4 are gearing up for the end-of-year exams to test their understanding of the year's school work. It shouldn't and needn't be stressful. Here's some guides to help your family through the next few weeks.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

PRINT IT: Free study guides for maths, science, languages and more

Every child deserves the best, and if we can help one child understand a subject better and achieve a higher mark in their exams, we sleep better at night. Here are study guides for many high-school grades in several subjects, available for free, courtesy of organisations who work tirelessly to help advance education in South Africa.

Primary school

WATCH: How one teacher is turning children in Istanbul into little scientists

When Zeynep Taskiran Yalcinkaya graduated from the chemistry department at her local university, she soon realised she didn't actually want to become a chemist. So instead she launched Miniskop – a science and art academy for kids that has since intrigued the minds of 35 000 little scientists.

Primary school

Think you’re bad at math? You may suffer from ‘math trauma’

Even some teachers suffer from anxiety about math! It's important to know that math can be survived though. The key is in the way we look at it.

Tertiary education

"I’ve always been a dreamer": 19-year-old Syrian student goes from pipe dream to studying at the University of Cambridge

Whether parent or learner, exam time is stressful. One Syrian student is proving that no matter what your circumstances are, hard work and determination really does pay off.

Matric past exam papers

The 2018 IEB matric exam timetable and other important info

Download the schedule for the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric exams here.

Matric past exam papers

Matric 2018: When the results will be released

Here's what matrics are saying about the final exams so far, plus some important dates to diarise, including when results will be released.

Primary school

How to give our kids more "math talk"

Encouraging our kids to talk about maths, to really discuss it like they would discuss a book, can help them learn, regardless of whether they become mathematicians or creatives. Here are great pointers for teachers and parents.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Study methods vs brain training – which is best, and why?

Dr Lieb Liebenberg, CEO of educational company ITSI, compares popular learning skills, zoning in on which method works best for studying teens.

Tertiary education

Tips for surviving on a student budget

You already know what it is, the dreadful student budget (insert shark approaching soundtrack). We know how tough it can be, and we're here to help!

Tertiary education

Advice for university students, from interns

Being a final year student at university can be quite a strange yet exciting time. Being so close to the end, you're going to need all the advice you can get before facing the "real world". Why not take some from our interns who have recently graduated university themselves?

Learning difficulties

Does your child struggle with spelling? This might help

With silent letters and words we spell very differently to how they sound, spelling can be tricky. Here's an interesting system parents can try for children struggling to grasp English spelling.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Grade 6 study guides: Natural Sciences and Technology

Download these study guide to help your Grade 6 child with their upcoming exams.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Grade 8 study guides: Natural Sciences

Download these study guide to help your Grade 8 child with their upcoming exams.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Grade 9 study guides: Natural Sciences

Download these study guide to help your Grade 9 child with their upcoming exams.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Grade 10 study guides: Life Sciences

Download these study guides and teacher's guides from Via Afrika and Siyavula to help you prepare for final exams.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

It's okay mom, dad: Your Gen Z matric can study for the exams on the couch and online

Our kids are going to experience the upcoming matric exams quite differently from the way we did. And if we’re going to be able to help them, we need to understand their generation as best as we possibly can. Just make sure they get enough sleep and fresh air!

Matric past exam papers

Grade 12 study guides: Tourism

Study guides and different text books are invaluable to help you see a topic from a different angle. Looking at something from all sides help you get the full picture and grasp what you're learning far better than trying to memorise your own text book.

Primary school

Here's why every teacher should have this simple box on their desk

“I’ve been teaching middle school for 15 years, and I can honestly say this is the best thing I’ve ever done to reach my kids," explains Julia Brown of the "I need" box she created for her classroom.

Matric past exam papers

Grade 12 study guides: English First Additional Language (FAL)

Here are free study guides and text books to help matrics prepare for the English FAL exam!

Primary school

WATCH: A fun and easy way to explain density by creating a seascape in a jar

The easiest, and often simplest, way to explain particular scientific concepts to kids is to show them an experiment. So we put together one explaining density by creating a seascape... in a jar!

Matric past exam papers

Grade 12 study guides: Physical Sciences

Download these study guides and textbooks to help you with your upcoming Physics exams.

Tertiary education

Understanding university grading, credits, Dean's list and more

Transitioning from high school to university can be a big leap with all sorts of changes, especially when it comes to the workload and grading system. Here's what you want to know about grading, credits, the Dean's list and honour societies.

Learning difficulties

"Teachers have the power to change the future": taking the time to appreciate our educators on World Teacher's Day

Demanding yet invaluable, let's show up for our teachers today by acknowledging and appreciating the life-altering powers of our educators.

Tertiary education

The problem with university rankings: quality of teaching only weighs 30%

Each year the release of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings generates a great deal of interest. But is it always fair, considering that the rankings heavily favour research-intensive, well-resourced universities, and say nothing about the actual quality of teaching as experienced by students or academics?

Matric past exam papers

Why we should be listening to Kendrick Lamar, Nina Simone and Bob Marley in our classrooms

Michael Shakib Bhatch, from the University of the Western Cape, explains why music should be used as a tool for teaching in South Africa's schools and universities, and considered to be of equal scholarly importance to the written word.

Primary school

WATCH: How do clouds make rain? Here's an easy and fun way to explain it to your kids

From evaporation to condensation, and finally, precipitation – here's a simple and fun experiment to try this weekend, to help you explain how clouds make rain to your little ones.

Primary school

When children sing and play, they’re also becoming scientific explorers

Musical expression can help kids develop scientific thinking. For example, think about when your little one is moving on a swing while singing at the same time. Did you ever consider that that could be a good way of teaching kids about the scientific concept of momentum? Through play our kids can become scientific explorers!

Primary school

"They’ve completely messed up our holidays this year!" and other infuriated responses about the shortened December school holidays

Don’t touch me on my holidays! Parents and teachers share their frustrations over the end-of-year school holidays being cut short this year.

Tertiary education

University freshers' guide to navigating campus

Are you going to campus next year, looking to not be completely lost and frantically run around campus when classes start? Here is a list of things you need to familiarise yourself with to make your first semester goes as smoothly as possible.

Primary school

WATCH: Easy ways to help your child understand fractions with what you’ve got at home

From the half-dozen eggs you’ve got in the fridge to the many blocks that make up a whole slab of chocolate, use these things you've already got at home to introduce your child to the basics of fractions.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Study smarter, not harder: Top study tips for matriculants from a CEO

Academic and CEO of educational resources provider ITSI, Dr Jacobus Lieb Liebenberg, provides top tips on productive ways to prep for exam finals.

Primary school

Here's why the December school holiday will be shorter this year

You may have noticed the December school holidays will be starting a week later than last year's, and the schools are starting particularly early in January, which makes for a shorter end-of-year break for the kids. Parent24 spoke to the Western Cape Education Department and here's why.

Tertiary education

Top 10 craziest courses you can actually take at university

How To Win a Beauty Pageant, Wasting Time on the Internet, and more courses you can actually take at university.
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