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5 ways to beat the back-to-school blues

A few top tips from a local school principal on how to make the transition from holiday mode to study mode as smooth as possible for your kids.

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WATCH: 3 easy ways to pimp your pencils

Printed, pompommed and pretty – here's an easy DIY for the kids to try. Added bonus: you'll never have to buy overly expensive, sparkly stationery supplies again!

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This dad compared 6 retailers to find the most affordable stationery for his domestic worker's child

We compared 6 top retailers to find the most affordable supplier of stationery supplies and it turns out the store we frequent most often, isn’t the cheapest of the lot.

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From playschool to big school: 6 ways parents can help make the transition easier for their children

"Increased demands and an unfamiliar environment can be daunting, and children need to be eased into the new situation." An expert shares how you can help make this milestone easier for your little one.


Beautiful lunchbox ideas (that don't require cold cuts)

It's that time of the year again, here are some healthy lunchbox ideas sans cold meats to get you into the swing of things as the kids head back to school.

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How much does stationery cost?

Here's what the average cost of stationery is in South Africa.

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PRINTABLE: School morning checklist

Are you wary of having chaotic mornings with the kids and realising you forgot something at home after just pulling up in front of the school gates? Print our helpful little checklist to ensure some sweeter school mornings.

Back to School

Back to school! All you need to know

The summer holidays are over and it's back to school. Here is a comprehensive list of articles you can read as you prepare your child for another successful year ahead.

Back to School

Back to school: calendars, extramurals, lift clubs

Follow our checklist and you'll skip the 2019 back-to-school anxiety.


PRINT IT: SA's 2020 school holiday calendar

You're already organising the next December break, aren't you! That's why we made this print-friendly school holiday calendar to help you plan.


PRINT IT: A monthly calendar to help you organise your family's 2019

We designed a pretty 2019 calendar for you to print out and stick to your fridge.


PRINT IT: Weekly extramural planner

Download and print this simple weekly organiser to plan your toddler or children's regular activities.

Back to School

How to get kids motivated for the new school year

Some tips to help get the kids excited for going back to school.

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How to help your child cope at school

Your child might be indirectly showing signs that he/she is falling behind at school. Here’s how to successfully assist him/her.

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Back to school checklist

Here’s what you really need to make a smooth start to the year.

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5 tips to help you save time during the morning rush hour

A few tricks to get you out the door a little quicker, and easier, in the morning.

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Can I move my child to a different school?

Is your child changing schools? A new start doesn't have to be traumatic. Follow these basic tips on making the transition as smooth as possible.

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An incredible way to do maths: finger calculations the Indian way

Curious to know how the Indian school children do fast calculations on their fingers?

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Struggling to afford school fees? Here's how to apply for school-fee exemption

Know your rights and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

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How to form a school lift club

We wake up at ridiculous hours of the morning so we can rush our children to school. Car-pooling is a solution that could bring about an easier, efficient and less stressful way of dealing with all this morning madness.

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Top tips from teachers to parents

"Offer words of encouragement and motivation, as this will build confidence."

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School admission nightmare? Here’s what to do

If you haven’t yet managed to get your child into a school for 2020, you urgently need to make a plan. Here's what to do.

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Back to school blues: how to help your child with shyness

Need help understanding your child's back-to-school social anxiety? Here's how you can help your shy child adjust to their new environment.
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