PRINTABLE: School morning checklist
Are you wary of having chaotic mornings with the kids and realising you forgot something at home after just pulling up in front of the school gates? Print our helpful little checklist to ensure some sweeter school mornings.
Make every morning a good one. (iStock)

With the new academic year kicking off, it's the perfect time to get into a new morning routine, one that's a lot less stressful! (If you've got your morning routine figured out by now, we've definitely got to hand it to you).

Regardless of whether your mornings run smoothly or not, we're all a little scatterbrained sometimes, especially in high-stress situations such as getting the kids ready for school in the morning.

Print a few copies and tick off as you go along or print a single copy, put it in a glass frame and get a whiteboard marker to tick off daily. 

From the tantrums, to the teeth brushing to the trouble getting out of bed, this list should make your mornings a little easier. 

School morning checklist 

Click here to download the checklist in PDF format:

school morning checklist

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