What's lurking in your child's school bag?
From "saved" fish to yogurt from last week...

We recently asked our online community to share what they have found hidden in their kid's school bag, and we got some very interesting responses... 

1. A sandwich in his blazer 

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2.  A yogurt from a few days ago 

3. 93% of my Tupperware 

4. An old banana 

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5. Such a rotten apple

6. Green sandwiches on top of his cupboard

7. A fish 

While other parents were having none of it... 

1.  Don't you check their bags? 

2. My OCD prevents it 

What interesting things have you found "hidden" in your child's backpack? Send us your stories and images to chatback@parent24.com we might publish your response, please inbox us should you wish to stay anonymous. 

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