"Phindi wants to be a nurse, but failed Maths Lit because the system failed her again"
A reader writes in to tell us about the apparent "incompetence" in the education system which she explains is "forcing the marginalised to stay in poverty" and preventing them from reaching their full potential.
One of our reader's wrote in concerned that adults wanting to complete their matric aren't able to do so due to the "incompetence" of those in charge of the system. (iStock)

"For years I had been trying to get my domestic to register for her matric. Sadly, the challenge is access to information. If I didn't do the hard yards of phoning around, she would have had to take off work to speak to the principle at the nearest school.

"Fast forward to 2018, she is registered and attends classes, but this means she can only work until 2.30 'cause the journey home is another 2 to 3 hrs... if she is lucky!

"Last Monday she wrote Maths Lit, and the whole class of 34 students failed. The paper contained areas of work either not covered by the teacher, or the teacher ordered the wrong paper. But, they failed! Another year wasted, another year of not being able to find better jobs, another year...

"You see, my Phindi wants to be a nurse, so these are compulsory subjects, but her dreams are being crushed because of someone else's incompetence. She makes so many sacrifices, her boys don't get to see her and she is a single mom. But she has me in her corner.

"But I cannot fight a system that is forcing the marginalised to stay in poverty. And my heart breaks for them."

Do you know somebody who wants to complete their matric or happened to do so many years later? Send us your inspirational stories and advice for others hoping to do the same at chatback@parent24.com and we may publish it.

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