Reader's response to SA's new school system
Can SA cope?

Read: New schooling system. Can SA cope?

Over and above the challenges mentioned in this article regarding school resources and expert, professional teachers for delivery, the greatest challenge by far facing the introduction of these different educational streams is our social ideology, norms and values regarding an individual’s intellectual abilities and capabilities.

Artisan jobs continue to be categorized as menial, lower class blue-collar functions that do not warrant or deserve equal recognition and reward as white-collar professions – engineering, legal, medical, management, etc. That is the reality faced by all scholars notwithstanding the essential and critical dependency white-collar professionals have on the would be artisan professions … think: builders, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, tool makers just to name a few.

It is this social ideological mindset that drives young people to forego what they could excel in and chase after other more socially acceptable white-collar professions – IT, engineering, medicine, sciences, accounting, legal etc. - leading to the high rate of drop-outs, disillusionment, anger, frustration etc.

For example, when do you ever hear of any company in SA – possibly around the world – making bursaries available for degrees in, say, plumbing? Of course not.

That is where the real and factual social discrimination begins and is being practiced; that is the root source of the social challenges in the education system which then permeates through to other areas in our society.

Recognition and acceptance of who they are is what people want the most – especially scholars. Something society does not give nor is it willing to change – can you imagine an engineer, doctor, lawyer, CEO acknowledging and rewarding a plumber as equal to themselves … hell no!

Changing our social ideology, norms and values would more than likely result in the majority of scholars excelling in their personal capabilities and expertise with the proposed new schooling system – possibly even contribute to a crime free society.

-Sergio Salatto

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