Reader's letters: Is your child a dreamer?
Readers respond.

In response to our recent article to do with children who day dream and the effect it has on their performance at school, readers shared their stories:

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Just read your article.  This is the exact thing I have being experiencing with my son, since Grade 7 I use to receive complaints from school ie "ur son is not working to his full potential", "he can do better" & "he just needs to concentrate and focus on school", and I thought he was just being lazy and naughty.

He was in Grade 9 last year and things were getting a bit out of hand so I eventually took him for an assessment to an Educational Psychologist and the results were that he as ADD/ADHD & non verbal learning difficulty.  My world came crumbling down, how could I have been so ignorant not to have realized he was going through all this and how could I be so clueless, what kind of mother am I.  

So for 4 months I ran around like a headless chicken, did not want to believe it, kept on questioning everything.  I took him to an Occupational Therapist, Psychiatrists, Counselling Psychologists then he was booked at the Psychiatric Hospital for 8 days to have various tests done to confirm whether he really had ADHD and it was confirmed again and again that he does have concentration problems and he is weak on the non verbal language.

I guess the reason why it was so difficult to believe, is because he is not a hyperactive child.  He even told me that it can't be true because he knows he is not hyperactive & how can all these people say he is.. :).

But I am still trying to wrap my head around this, its so hard to accept, he is now in Grade 10 and just started Concerta last week. So after reading your article I'm have a sense of relief that he will be able to pick up on school and I am looking at other alternatives like Brain Gain as I don't want him to continuously be on Concerta. 

Going to print this article for my son as well. -Sandra Govender

I definitely have a dreamer on my hands and I agree full-heartedly with the mother in the article. Kids are meant to be dreamers and it is part of their development and vitally important BUT when it starts becoming a problem for the child in school and they fall behind - it is time for action...

I wish to just add that there is another option to medication for children or adults who battle with concentration issues, and that is NEUROFEEDBACK.

It has to do with the brainwaves of the individual that may be out of sync and neurofeedback can help identify those imbalances and help the brain to correct them so that the brain will start self-regulating and the child will be able to concentrate better when needing to and then access their daydreaming when appropriate as well! -Lize Maritz

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