This dad rewrote the report of his daughter with austism and we are in tears
When his daughter came home in tears with a disappointing report card, Shane Jackson did what any good parent would: he gave her a new, and improved, one.
How did your child do last term? How did you make them feel a little better about their marks? (iStock)

When Sophie Jackson came home from school and handed her parents her report card, she began to cry. “I’ve let everyone down,” she said. Her dad, Shane Jackson, shared their story on Twitter: “My daughter who has ASD received straight Ds on her report card.”

We’ve written before that children who have autism spectrum disorder, such as Sophie, might struggle academically. It’s not because they aren’t smart enough or unable to do the work, sometimes it might just take a little more time for things to click, because we all learn in different ways.

You may also remember we wrote that instead of focusing on the personality traits that might seem negative or different, we should consider these gifts and focus on all their positive attributes. And it seems as if that’s exactly what Shane did to make his daughter feel a little better. He created his very own report card for her, giving her an A for loving dogs, fighting with the boys and drawing and making robots, and an A+ for using her imagination and being the best daughter ever.

After the overwhelming love and support he received on Twitter, Shane later set up an account for Sophie, who loves to draw and uses the platform to showcase her work. Sophie decided she’d create a report of her own for her amazing dad. 

"Dad is annoying: A+; funny: B at best; but is the best dad ever..." It’s an A+ from us too.

People responded to Sophie’s challenge to reply with a report card for their mom and dad:

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