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Primary school


Primary school

Think you’re bad at math? You may suffer from ‘math trauma’

Even some teachers suffer from anxiety about math! It's important to know that math can be survived though. The key is in the way we look at it.

Primary school

How to give our kids more "math talk"

Encouraging our kids to talk about maths, to really discuss it like they would discuss a book, can help them learn, regardless of whether they become mathematicians or creatives. Here are great pointers for teachers and parents.

Primary school

Here's why every teacher should have this simple box on their desk

“I’ve been teaching middle school for 15 years, and I can honestly say this is the best thing I’ve ever done to reach my kids," explains Julia Brown of the "I need" box she created for her classroom.

Primary school

"It just tastes nicer": 3D printed school dinners?

It's as cool as it sounds. The UK's Big Bang Fair is using amazing gadgets to wow kids into taking an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers.

Primary school

WATCH: A fun and easy way to explain density by creating a seascape in a jar

The easiest, and often simplest, way to explain particular scientific concepts to kids is to show them an experiment. So we put together one explaining density by creating a seascape... in a jar!

Primary school

WATCH: How do clouds make rain? Here's an easy and fun way to explain it to your kids

From evaporation to condensation, and finally, precipitation – here's a simple and fun experiment to try this weekend, to help you explain how clouds make rain to your little ones.

Primary school

When children sing and play, they’re also becoming scientific explorers

Musical expression can help kids develop scientific thinking. For example, think about when your little one is moving on a swing while singing at the same time. Did you ever consider that that could be a good way of teaching kids about the scientific concept of momentum? Through play our kids can become scientific explorers!

Primary school

"They’ve completely messed up our holidays this year!" and other infuriated responses about the shortened December school holidays

Don’t touch me on my holidays! Parents and teachers share their frustrations over the end-of-year school holidays being cut short this year.

Primary school

WATCH: Easy ways to help your child understand fractions with what you’ve got at home

From the half-dozen eggs you’ve got in the fridge to the many blocks that make up a whole slab of chocolate, use these things you've already got at home to introduce your child to the basics of fractions.

Primary school

Here's why the December school holiday will be shorter this year

You may have noticed the December school holidays will be starting a week later than last year's, and the schools are starting particularly early in January, which makes for a shorter end-of-year break for the kids. Parent24 spoke to the Western Cape Education Department and here's why.

Primary school

WATCH: This DIY is the easiest and simplest way to learn fractions

Understanding fractions and applying mathematical concepts to them isn't the easiest, nor the simplest, of tasks. But doing so in a visual way will certainly make it easier for learners.

Primary school

How playing on swings can help children understand physics

Instead of having learners sit in the classroom all day, take them outside to experience the real world. You'd be surprised at how many theoretical physics concepts they can learn, like that of velocity and gravitational potential energy, by simply playing on swings.

Primary school

Sole searching: Kids' white tekkies for school

Many South African schools make white tekkies compulsory for physical education and school sporting activities. White. Parents up and down the country have been searching for the most affordable options, seeing as we need to buy at least one pair per child per year. So here are some of the white tekkie options available in stores and online, and tips for keeping those babies clean!

Primary school

WATCH: An easy way to teach your child the basics of fractions if they're a visual learner

Maths isn't easily understood but the trick is to teach your child according to their learning style. Here's a fast way to teach your child the basics of fractions if they learn best visually.

Primary school

Does helping your child with homework hinder their progress?

No parent wants to see their child struggling but that's exactly what sets them up for future success, say experts.

Primary school

Insider tips to get into some of SA’s top schools

We spoke to the principals and staff of a few of SA's top schools to find out how you can go about the admissions process and get your kids in without any fuss.

Primary school

All the right moves: SA's chess siblings on winning, Bollywood and Darth Vadar

South Africa saw two sets of siblings making us proud at the continental chess championships this weekend. We chatted to the twin brothers and two sisters about their major achievements.

Primary school

The hidden agenda of school dress codes

Girls are often the target of moral dress codes, like "no tank tops" or "no spaghetti straps". These strict dress codes goes far beyond "school rules" but instead, underlying issues of societal and cultural norms regarding gender, sexual identity, faith or systemic discrimination. There is space for teaching kids about decorum and etiquette, but let that not be clouded by sexism, rather let the same rules apply to all.

Primary school

Maths: 6 ways to help your child love it

Maths doesn't have to be an inaccessible, boring subject. Make maths fun, make it about real life, feed kids' curiosity, and it will capture their attention – and imagination.

Primary school

4 local apps making school admin, transport and finance easier for parents and teachers

Yes, that shiver down your spine at the sound of the words "school", "admin", "transport" and "finance" in the same sentence is normal, but these apps just made it a whole lot simpler.

Primary school

How lab coats help students see themselves as future scientists

There is no doubt that jobs in science, technology, engineering and maths are important for the progression of our country. Well, here's an innovative way we can get more students interested in the STEM subjects early on.

Primary school

How involved are you now that your kids are in primary school?

Gone are the days we carried our preschoolers into the school yard on our hips. When our kids gain independence, we have to make more of an effort, in different ways, to stay connected to their schools and their school work.

Primary school

SGB complaints and questions: an expert responds

We got a stream of letters and complaints from parents who serve on a school governing body, who are frustrated with the way things are run. To answer some of these concerns we spoke to Paul Colditz, an expert on governing bodies in South African schools.
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