Primary school


Primary school

Consent in the classroom: Why these 23 pupils finally reported their sex pest teacher

We're not talking about R Kelly cases that have been going on for years. No, no, it's a lot closer to home.

Primary school

Selecting the right primary school for your child

Making the right choice from the start can help your child get the best building blocks in their education and will also ensure that they are in a healthy, happy space to develop positive attitudes toward school and learning.

Primary school

At this year's prize giving, we are all achievers

The challenge lies in making every child who is starting out believe that they matter, they are capable and their achievements are recognized. Find something you can reward them for, surely it can’t be that hard.

Primary school

From historic to state-of-the-art: Modern structures for the Botha's Halte rural school in Worcester

The historic community school on the outskirts of Worcester, Botha's Halte Primary School, has been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility.

Primary school

'Men are disappointing us' - PE primary school learners protest for a safer South Africa

Learners from St Augustine’s Primary School in Port Elizabeth protested in the city centre against violence against women and children.


Picture of boy comforting his classmate on first day of school goes viral for all the right reasons

A photo of an eight-year-old boy holding his crying classmate’s hand on the first day of school has gone viral.

Primary school

Who am I? Why am I here? Why children should be taught philosophy (beyond better test scores)

Philosophy doesn’t just improve children’s grades, it helps them make meaning of their place in the world.

Primary school

Future skills: Time management

The final article in our Future Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution series, where we provide parents with the information they need to help their children to thrive in an increasingly high-tech world.

Primary school

WATCH: Can you spell horripilation? These kids can – their parents, not so much

Children at this year's US National Spelling Bee were asked to spell words like horripilation and parochialism.

Primary school

From Peru to South Africa: ballet classes are changing lives

After school activities aren't a reality for many South African learners who are often held back by steep costs.

Primary school

Science has proven it! Little dinosaur fanatics are super smart

Is your toddler fascinated by dinosaurs? This research provides more reason to help your child keep up their interest.

Primary school

South Africa’s main parties all have plans for education. What’s missing?

Are South Africa’s biggest political parties offering anything new to inject much-needed life into the ailing education system? We take a look at how the ANC, DA and EFF have promised to make a difference in the lives of SA's children.

Primary school

WATCH: Genius maths hacks: Adding fractions with the butterfly method

We all know how to add fractions the standard way. But have you heard of the butterfly method?

Primary school

WATCH: Genius maths hacks: Multiplying teen numbers

From 11x11 right up to 19x19, here’s an easy hack to tackle and times teen numbers.

Primary school

The "life-changing" math hack for percentages they probably didn’t teach you in school

If your little ones are struggling to work out their percentages and it makes more sense to switch the two numbers around, do it! Turns out the answer is the same both ways.

Primary school

AI in schools? Here’s what we need to consider

AI's already filtered through most of what we do. Just ask Siri. But soon enough, it'll also play a vital role in your child's education. Will it replace teachers in the classroom? Probably not. But it's important for us to understand its potential as well as its limitations.

Primary school

Study reveals one of kids’ top dream jobs is to be a YouTube influencer

A survey about what children want to be when they grow up has revealed the changing landscape of the working world!

Primary school

WATCH: Genius maths hacks: The 9 times table

If you've got your tables memorised, you can probably read off your 9-times tables like nobody's business. But we've put together these genius math hacks that make it easier to tackle even the bigger numbers.

Primary school

Gauteng parents, you can now apply to any school regardless of your location

MEC for Education in Gauteng, Mr Panyaza Lesufi, recently announced that, as of now, parents can apply to any school for their children, regardless of the location of said school.

Primary school

WATCH: Genius maths hacks: The 11 times table

Sure, memorising your times tables is easy when you’re working with smaller numbers. The bigger ones, not so much... But we’ve put together these genius math hacks that makes multiplication a whole lot easier to do.

Primary school

Future skills: Leadership

Leadership is a skill that will stand our children in good stead one day, regardless of the career they end up in. But how can schools and parents foster and nurture leadership? A teacher explains.
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