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When your children are in a religious school and you're an atheist.

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My husband and I have the same problem.  We are also atheists, although my husband prefers to be called a "nothing". He does not think he needs a label. 

My kids are 4 and 6 and every school around is Christian. Both my husband and I come from Christian homes. I lost my trust when I was 10 years old and my one prayer I said every single day did not work.

I realized no fairy will be coming. 

Our children are happy and question everything about all the religions. I try to teach them as much as I can as well.

One will never get a way from Christianity in South Africa. And thats ok. As long as my kids ask questions and do not follow blindly we will send them to any school.

All public schools are religions stopping that. I would just wish they would teach kids about ALL religions and not just Christianity.

Thank you for the article it is great to know we are not alone.


My kids are in a Catholic school, even though I'm not religious.

Including mass and morning prayer, Religious Education and Christian teachers, there is far less indoctrination and bias than any state school. I know, I"ve taught at both.

At this school the focus is on mercy and morals...not brimstone and fire if you are not a believer...

-Coleen Cahill

We've recently enrolled our daughter in a private Christian school.

Both my husband and I are born-again-Christians, but have always been against ANY religion in schools, so people are generally shocked to hear that we chose this school.

The reason is simple: this school has a set policy about what they teach children and it focuses on love and tolerance. As parents you have to sign the policy to show you understand and agree. No nasty surprises. 

In the state schools we have experienced, teachers regularly force their way of thinking down kids' throats, which means that they get confused by all the different belief systems and even sects. 

At least now we know what our daughter will be exposed to.

-Marki Franken

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