WATCH: Can you spell horripilation? These kids can – their parents, not so much
Children at this year's US National Spelling Bee were asked to spell words like horripilation and parochialism.
Can you spell horripilation? What about parochialism? (Oovvuu Originals)

Can you spell horripilation

What about parochialism

When the parents of the best young spellers in the US were asked to spell these words – ones we too don’t even know the meanings of – some stared blankly, others laughed. 

“Can you use it in a sentence?” one dad asked. Ha! Yeah, right – as if that would help. 

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One dad wrote horpilation, another hurruplation

Horibulation spelled one mom. 

And the worst by far: hairabulation

The 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion, Karthik Nemmani, offers advice to children (and parents too) who may struggle with spelling. 

It takes dedication and hard work, he says. “I studied for about 35-36 hours a week,” he explains of preparing for the spelling bee. The key to his success was “typing up words in a spreadsheet” and “using that muscle memory”.

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We’re not sure that would help us though. We don’t even know what horpilation hurruplation horibulation horripilation actually means – using it in a sentence really wouldn’t help. But in case you’re interested – to add to your vocabulary: 

A bristling of the hair of the head or body (as from disease, terror, or chilliness) 

Ya’ll could’ve just said goosebumps!

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