WATCH: Genius maths hacks: The 9 times table
If you've got your tables memorised, you can probably read off your 9-times tables like nobody's business. But we've put together these genius math hacks that make it easier to tackle even the bigger numbers.
The easiest way to work out 26 x 9 (Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images)

Times tables are easy to learn, you know, when you’re multiplying by 2 and 3 in primary school. You’re either doubling or tripling the number, and if you’ve got your tables memorised, you can probably read off even your 9-times tables like nobody’s business.

It becomes even easier when you can identify patterns within the numbers and hacks to quickly work out 11x9, and even 26x9, in your head. 

As part of our math hacks series, we’ve decided to tackle the 9-times tables in a way we’re guessing our kiddies probably wouldn’t have learned in school. We certainly didn’t. So scroll up and check out these genius math hacks!

Do you have any other hacks for any other times tables? Tell us and we can add them to the series.

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