Grade 10: Physical Sciences practice papers and study guides
Download these study guides and common papers to help your Grade 10 child with their upcoming Physics exams.

We have compiled some study guides and practice papers you can download for free to help your Grade 10 to prepare for the exams. Many private publishers also have great resources for Grade 10s, at a price, but it could be worth investing in. See below for links to them.

Here are the free ones.

Grade 10 common papers: Physical Sciences

2017 Physics Common Papers:

2017 Physics Paper 1

2017 Physics Paper 1 Memorandum

2017 Physics Paper 2

2017 Physics Paper 2 Memorandum

2016 Physics Common Papers:

2016 Physics Paper 1

2016 Physics Paper 1 Memorandum

2016 Physics Paper 2

2016 Physics Paper 2 Memorandum

2015 Physics Common Papers:

2015 Physics Paper 1

2015 Physics Paper 1 Memorandum

2015 Physics Paper 2

2015 Physics Paper 2 Memorandum

Grade 10 study guide: Physical Sciences

Via Afrika

Click on the image below to download Via Afrika's free study guide to help your Grade 10 learners get a head start on the upcoming exams. 

Grade 10: Physical Science

Grade 10 common papers Physical Sciences

Published with kind permission from Via Afrika.

To see the full catalogue available for purchase check out the Via Afrika website.

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Everything Science by Siyavula 

Everything Science by Siyavula has made these Grade 10 textbooks and teacher's guides available to you to download. Click on the links below to download.

Grade 10 Physical Science textbook (English)

Siya Gr10_PhysicalSciences_Learner_Eng cover

Grade 10 Physical Science textbook (Afrikaans)

Siya Gr10_PhysicalSciences_Learner_afr

Grade 10 Physical Science teacher's guide (English)

Siya gr10 physics eng teachers

Grade 10 Physical Science teacher's guide (Afrikaans)

siya gr10 teachers afri

Published under Creative Commons CC-BY-ND licensing, Siyavula's textbooks and teacher's guides are made in partnership with Standard Bank, the Shuttleworth Foundation, the PSG Group and the Omidyar Network. The material is aligned with the CAPS curriculum and is endorsed by the Department of Basic Education.

To see the full catalogue available for purchase check out the Siyavula website.

Do you know of other resources that could help a Grade 10 pupil to really grasp phyics? Please share with us at

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