School readiness


Primary school

6 school readiness milestones

An educational psychologist from chats about the important school readiness milestones.

Development & Behaviour

How do I know when my child is ready?

What to consider before starting your child’s schooling early.


PRINT IT: Alphabet chart

Print out these gorgeous alphabet letters, decorate your child's room and teach your child the ABCs at the same time!

Development & Behaviour

Children must go to school aged 3, says French president Macron

All children in France and its overseas territories must attend school from the age of 3 from next year.

Development & Behaviour

School at 3? "Let my kids be kids, president Macron"

After French president Emmanuel Macron announced his plans to make school compulsory for children from the age of 3, our readers responded, some agreeing and some wishing we'd just let our kids be kids.

Primary school

Part 1 - School readiness: Pencil grip

In this series, educational psychologist Anel Annandale chats about the 6 school readiness milestones. Here she explains the pencil grip.

Primary school

Part 2 - School readiness: Shape recognition

Educational psychologist Anel Annandale chats about the 6 school readiness milestones. Here she discusses shape recognition.

Primary school

Part 3 - School readiness: Auditory analysis and synthesis

Anel Annandale, an educational psychologist,, chats about auditory analysis and synthesis as important skills for school readiness.

Primary school

Part 4 - School readiness: Emotional readiness

Educational psychologist Anel Annandale chats about emotional readiness for school.

Primary school

Part 5 - School readiness: Classification

Educational psychologist Anel Annandale chats about classifications as an important skill preschoolers need to acquire to become ready for school.

Primary school

Part 6 - School readiness: Bilateral integration

Anel Annandale, educational psychologist, chats about bilateral integration, an important skill your preschooler will learn before they become school ready.

Development & Behaviour

What is a 'pencil grip'?

"My child’s teachers often mentions pencil grip in the school report, how important is it?"

Primary school

Is your child ready to read?

Should your child be able to read before going to school? Michelle Shaw investigates the importance of pre-reading skills

Back to School

Right, left or mixed-handed?

How children's brains develop to make them right or left handed (and why being left handed is fine).

Primary school

What’s the point of Grade R?

Do parents have to choose between structure and playtime for 5-year-olds?

Back to School

4 tips for Grade R preparation

Here are some ideas for making your child's transition to Grade R easier.

Development & Behaviour

Grade 1 beckons

Cath Jenkin reflects on the next Big Step in her daughter's life

Development & Behaviour

How to pick a preschool

Have you made the right choice? Does early childhood education really make such a big difference?

Primary school

Weighing up the options of homeschooling

We look at some of the pros and cons of homeschooling. 
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